The IJCAI-2016 Workshop on Autonomous Mobile Service Robots

   WORSKHOP DATE: July 11, 2016,
  PAPER DEADLINE SUBMISSION: April 25, 2016 (see Call For Papers)
For several years, we have experienced a significant growth of research and development on autonomous service robots, with many successful university efforts and newly interested companies.  The technical advances in autonomous service robots are in both areas of robotics and artificial intelligence, and capture the work towards the ultimate goal of intelligent robots with a seamless integration of perception, cognition, and actuation capabilities to autonomously perform service tasks in our environments.

We have three main goals for our IJCAI workshop on Autonomous Mobile Service Robots, namely:

1. To bring together to the same venue the wide service robot research community
2. To create a forum to share concrete robot capabilities,
3. To discuss a mechanism to enable the integration of underlying individual AI contributions.

Last year, for the Shakey celebration at AAAI-15, we collected a set of more than 30 service robots, including many representatives from the RoboCup@Home competitions. The figures below are a sample of such service robots.