Please nominate self or your colleague for Alumni Award to for contributions in Technology & Research, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, or Special Talent.
IITRAANA Executive Committee seeks nominations for Alumni Award at the IITRAANA National Meet in Chicago. Any alumnus can self-nominate or nominate a colleague for contributions in the following categories of the award:
  • Technology & Research: The recognition is designed for alumni to pursue technical and research excellence, and share with their alumni network. The excellence in technology and research must advance knowledge or technology leads to development of new applications gaining broader acceptance and commercializing solutions.  
  • Entrepreneurship: The recognition has been designed to encourage IITR alumni pursue their passion in the chosen field and create new opportunities for themselves and others. Alumni who have launched a new for-profit or not-for-profit business and achieved significant commercial success would be eligible for this recognition.
  • Leadership: The recognition is designed for IITR alumni who have reached executive level positions in large corporations, provided leadership to a cause including service to IIIR Alumni Association, or demonstrated leadership capabilities in making a significant impact on society.
  • Special Talent: The recognition is designed for IITR alumni who have made exceptional contributions in non-science or engineering profession. For example, authoring books, making movies, addressing.
Each nomination must include the following information:
  1. Award Category
  2. Nomination: Self or Second Party
  3. Name and contact information
  4. Contribution: Title and Abstract (200-word)
  5. Reference or links to verify professional or peer recognition
  6. Additional reference or supporting documents
All nominations must be submitted by August 15, 2012 to Attn: Praveen Gupta at