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**coming up next :    Release of  the second edition of "Bakarz" , IIT Guwahati's first Humour Magazine....A joint initiative of the LitSoc and the Publication Sub Committee, IIT Guwahati.. **

Events gone by...

 - FRESSIA....the  Annual Extempore Competition for
the first year students at IIT Guwahati ( 22nd August, 2008)

Result :

First     :  Abhinandan (Manas)

Second :   Arun Yadav (Manas)

                Reecha (Subansiri)

Third    :  Adnan (Manas)

      Aishwarya Ravi (Subansiri)


- IIT Guwahati's First National Parliamentary Debate

      (5th - 7th September) 

conducted successfully with teams from all over the country turning up.

Winners : Symbiosis Law (Pune)


- 14 parliamentary debate and adjudication workshops


If you're interested in parliamentary debating, you could begin by downloading the rule booklet here.


* Get the on-line pdf version of "The Bakarz" here

The Bakarz is an initiative to provide a magazine to its audience that shall attempt to be a change from the run of the mill existing magazines in our institute. The editors do not hold claim to have produced a piece of art (They realise that its a far cry from that) , but do hope that they receive positive criticism from its readers. Do find time to write in your suggestions and opinions about the first tangible edition of the magazine at :



* RESULTS : Myriad 2008

 The entire event was divided into two parts :

 STAGE EVENTS :  (Turncoat, AD- Spoof, Voice off, Parody)

             Worth 200 points in the General Championship (GC)

             Result :      

1st Kapili (200 points)

2nd Manas (170 points)

3rd Kameng (140 points)

4th Dihing (110 points)

5th Subansiri (80 points)

Note: No participation from Umiam, Barak and Siang hostels.


WRITING EVENTS : (Arbit, Poet's Jumble)

               Worth 70 points in the General Championship (GC)

               Result :

1st Dihing     (70 points)

2nd Manas    (60 points)

3rd Kapili      (50 points)

4th Subansiri (40 points)

5th Kameng   (30 points)

Note: No participation from Umiam, Barak and Siang hostels.


The winning entries from the Poet's jumble (English) event have been put up here .