ALFAAZ 2009, IIT Guwahati's Second Annual Literary Festival

                            March 21st-22nd, 2009


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**Topic for the first stage of Colloquy released  **


For the rules and sample problem statement for "The Budget" click here


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 The topic for the first stage of Colloquy (The classical debate) and details of the event may be found here.


It gives us great pleasure to inform you that the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati is conducting the second edition of Alfaaz – IIT Guwahati’s annual literary festival.

  Alfaaz 2009 shall be held from the 21st-22nd of March, 2009 and shall be a host to a plethora of literary events aimed at gathering the best minds from across the country to discuss and debate issues of national importance.
One of the major events during Alfaaz, ‘The Budget’, has a unique style that offers, for the first time ever, participants the opportunity to prepare a budget for an entire country, and then act as ministers to defend it, and defeat other competing budgets.

  Alfaaz 2009 shall also consist of a National Debate (Colloquy) and a panel discussion consisting of eminent panelists from across the country along with talks on pertinent and contemporary issues of national importance by some of the brightest literary minds of the country and by some who've achieved the acme of success in their fields and made the nation proud. 

  As an aside, we shall also be conducting ‘smaller scale’ events intermittently to act as a breather from the heavy discussions of the day.
Prize money for the festival shall be upto 1,00,000 INR. There shall also be extensive media coverage for the same from local and national media houses.
We sincerely hope to be host to participation from your side during Alfaaz 2009.

The Alfaaz 2009 team


 ** For rules and contact details, download the rule booklets from the left hand column of this page.