Roster and Stats

Team roster and recent alumni. 

Spring 2012 Roster

NameYearPositionMajorYears RacingCategory
Chase Wolford Senior  Vice President MMAE  
Sheena Enriquez Staff Staff Advisor Architecture 
Ian Carr Junior President MMAE 
Ryan Hynes Freshman    
Kyle Focuehey Freshman  Architecture 
Rob Cohen Graduate  Law   
Evan Jahn Graduate  Business  
Peter Monko Graduate     
Waylon Janowiak Junior  Info Tech Management 
Jeff Bednarz Junior  Mechanical Engineering  
Ben Siver Senior  Computer Science  
Loren Bo Staff  Architecture 
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Recent Alumni

NameClassMajorCategory at GradYears Racing at JoiningCurrent CategoryCurrent Team
Jef Larson Long long ago Biomedical Engineering    
Sheena Enriquez 2011 Architecture WC Tati 
Louis Fernandez 2011 Architecture   Tati 
Frederick Wu 2011     Spidermonkey Cycling 
Elena Dorr 2010 Chemical Engineering    
Danny Beissinger 10 Chemistry  
Ryan Ruidera 09 Mech Engineering  
Ryan Freund 09 Civil Engineering & Physics Verizon U25 
Phil Haywood 09 Architecture Retired 
Loren Bo 09 Architecture Tati 
Tony Carfang 08 Aerospace Engineering & Computer Science University of Colorado Boulder 
Scott Larson 08 Mechanical Engineering  
Robert Whittlesey 08 Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering  
Lewis 08 Architectural Engineering  
Michael Merkley 07 Biomedical Engineering  
Sam Vasquez 06 Architecture Colorado University 
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