2013 Illinois Tech Cycling Jerseys and Bibs - ORDER NOW!

posted Dec 12, 2012, 12:03 PM by Sheena Enriquez   [ updated Dec 12, 2012, 12:12 PM ]

Hi all,

For a limited time (like a week) we are taking orders for the 2013 Illinois Tech Cycling kit. Sorry for the short notice and the small order window. Please forward this message to anyone you think may be interested in purchasing a kit for this upcoming season. See the message below, by ITC President Ian Carr,  with information about placing your order:

Illinois Tech Cycling kits are now available. The links to the online store are below. These will be available for a limited time so don't hesitate to buy. The sizing information can be found here. Please email cycling@iit.edu with any questions. 

I would like to thank Sheena with Chubby Bunny Design Collective for our great kit this year.

NOTE: There are two prices available, one for member of the team which is subsidized by the school and one for the general public which is not. As we have limited funds we are not able to offer the subsidized price to anyone other than our current members.

Remember, the orders will be going out soon (you will get a warning) so don't hesitate to purchase.


Mizzou Race Recap - Ben Siver

posted Mar 7, 2012, 10:12 AM by Ben Siver

This weekend started off a lot better than last - we were on the road at a more reasonable hour and rolling in comfort thanks to kind father Bednarz.  We were able to take the team trailer, so all of our bikes were nice and cozy for the entirety of the trip.  The ride to Missouri was relatively uneventful, at least from my perspective as I opted to roll myself into a cocoon and hibernate for a few hours.  At around 1:30AM we arrived at the Candlewood Suites in Columbia, Missouri.

From that point on, our luck spiraled downwards.  We were happily greeted by a friendly woman the front desk who informed us that one of our rooms was not ready because another party had gotten that room and complained about it.  No big deal, we all decided to wait in the other room.  Upon entering the room, a pretty gnarly looking cockroach scampered across the floor.  Awesome.  Within a few minutes, the woman at the front desk told us the other room was ready and we all were asleep within the next 15 minutes.

We woke up at 6:30 Saturday morning in order to get some breakfast before heading to the road course.  Walking downstairs, we soon found out that our hotel did not in fact serve breakfast.  Awesome.  We were now in a rush to find the nearest breakfast-like place to get some fuel in our bodies before the road race.  The best we could do was a gas station near the hotel, and after eating some clif bars we were on our way.

The field for the road race this week was pretty small compared to last week - about 40 riders.  We started off into a strong crosswind which kept the pace really slow for the first mile or so.  After the first turn, the riders at the front took off and were going about 30.  I struggled to hold on but I fell off the pack with a few other guys.  I then tried to play catch up for the next couple of miles but couldn't keep up.  After a few miles, I noticed Jeff on the side of the road with the follow van.  He looked ok so I didn't stop, but I found out later he got into a minor crash that messed up his bike.  I ended up spending most of the race working with one other dude who eventually ran out of energy.  I felt like I did better than last week although I got the same placing pretty much.

On Sunday, I chose to let Jeff use my bike for the ITT/TTT since his was non-functional.  The team ended up doing really well in both events, although Ryan did have a knee problem that prevented him from doing either event.  Sunday was pretty boring for me as I played the role of team cheerleader.

As we left Missouri, it had turned into a beautiful day with the sun shining on us and temperatures in the mid 50s.  Surprisingly enough, we found ourselves in a terrible snowstorm two hours later in southern Illinois.  It was probably some of the worst driving conditions I have seen on the highway; I'm not quite sure how Jeff could even see what was in front of him.  Luckily, within an hour or so it had cleared up and we made it home by about 10:00 at night.

Overall it was a good weekend, but there was a consistent amount of petty bickering between the team members throughout the trip.  I think everyone kind of got on one anothers nerves at some point, but I hope that in the races to come we'll get to know each other better and attitudes will change for the better.

Goals for next race:

Stay with a group
Leave at a time that allows us to get to our destination before 10:00 PM
Arrive to road race EARLY
No whining

Race Report LWC - Ryan Hynes

posted Feb 29, 2012, 9:42 PM by Ian Carr

Minority Report


Under cover of darkness, Illinois Tech Cycling left the Chicago and the comforts of home, and beat a path for Colombia, Kentucky. The team was determined, but before them stretched 400 miles of asphalt, and really super creepy farm roads. The ride was almost as arduous as the race itself, and tested the strength, endurance, and ultimately, the patience of team members. Without the discipline and will to sit still for eight hours, there may not have been a race.

My first foray in competitive cycling was intimidating. In the MWCCC, people spend more money on their bikes than they do on their cars, which they use only to transport their bikes to races. I was nervous, and excited, but the TTT quickly crushed my spirits. As I gasped for breath to try and keep up the pace, I whizzed by a dairy farm, and deeply inhaled what can only be described as ‘pets de vache’. The road race however, was invigorating. My legs felt great on the climbs, and the descents were the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike. On one such descent, I was so concentrated on going as fast as possible, that I hit a possum head on. Now I’m not sure if he was already dead, but he was certainly less alive when I left him.  Stricken with grief over the death of this poor creature, I turned my sadness to rage and pedaled with a mighty cadence, advancing up the pack. I Attacked Little Cake, the final hill, like a fat man in Hostess outlet, and threw myself over the top. Overcome with joy at seeing my teammates cheering me on at the top, I waved and then sprinted to the finish, placing not as well as I would have hoped, but better than I expected.

After being built back up by the road course, the criterium once again put me in my place. The Jello that was my legs had not jet hardened into a mold, and I was pulled 15 minutes into the race. The crit itself was exhilarating though, and made me appreciate the dangers and the joys associated with 71 men on bicycles all competing for the same piece of real estate.

Like a virgin, touched for the very first time, this race weekend left me positively tickled. I cannot wait to saddle up and venture into the unknown again with Ian “Crank Arms” Carr and his notorious band of rough riders.


-Ryan Hynes

LWC Race Recap - Ben Siver

posted Feb 27, 2012, 10:48 AM by Illinois Tech Cycling Team

All the events leading up to about 7:00 PM on Friday night were pretty hectic.  The night before brought us some pretty scary reports of snow that made it seem like the drive to Kentucky was going to be terrible, if not impossible.  To my surprise, everything came together and Peter, Ian, Ryan, and myself were on the road in Peter's sister's Honda Civic by about 7:30 Friday night.  I think everyone had accepted that we weren't really going to sleep before the TTT/Road Race on Saturday morning.

With it being my first race ever, I didn't know what to expect.  I had done (what I thought was) a decent amount of training on the trainer in the weeks before the race, but I was proved terribly wrong.  I was dropped pretty quickly from my teammates during the TTT, and similarly from the main pack in the road race.  I tried not to let everything discourage me though and kept riding through the road race.  I had a good time trying to power through some massive climbs and going fast down some very un-Illinoisan-like descents.  The next day I was surprised to find out I did not actually get last (apparently I passed someone without noticing).  The crit on Sunday morning was a similar situation with me getting pulled after a few laps.

Overall my first race experience was pretty rough, but I definitely want to stick with it.  I want to get off the trainer and go on longer rides outdoors.  I am hoping to be able to stick with the main pack during road races by the end of season as well as not get pulled from a crit.  I had a great time this weekend despite not doing well, and I am looking forward to the rest of the season.

LWC Race Recap - Ian Carr

posted Feb 27, 2012, 6:09 AM by Ian Carr

So we set off pretty late. There was a 7.5 hour drive ahead and we left at something like 7pm Friday night. Things came together kind of all at once, the bike rack and the borrowed car showed in within 20 minutes of each other. Having installed the new rack and ensured that the bike stayed put with old tubes, we set off. The drive was long, dark, cold and sometimes through some uncomfortable Kentucky roads. We settled in as quickly as we could upon arrival as to try to tack on as many extra minutes of sleep to the 3 hours we would inevitably get before the TTT the next morning.  As always the TTT served as a nerve calmer before the other races. This being our first TTT together and in a category high for half the team I didn’t expect much. Apparently this was underestimating our team. Later that day at race registration for the RR I got a look at the results to see that we took 1st in our first race!

The field for the road race was decently sized, something like 50 riders. Waiting nervous at the start line I was comforted seeing some familiar faces and good wheels from last year. The race went decently well, staying with the front group up until the last climb. In retrospect, I took a few too many pulls to reel back the break which likely lead to my getting dropped. Either way I got 19th, which will hopefully be the lowest collegiate placing of the year.  The crit was similarly unexceptional finishing something like 14th and narrowly avoiding a crash.

As the first race weekend of the year and the first race for a couple of the guys, I would deem this a success. No crashes, no sour attitudes, and lots of bikes.


Meeting Minutes 1-16-2012

posted Jan 19, 2012, 10:17 AM by Sheena Enriquez

Ride report:
There were five of us who rode north to Metropolis Coffee Company and back. It was a bit treacherous on the LFP. Had a few detours because the path was too icy. What usually is a 1.5 hour ride ended up being a 3 hour adventure!

Team meeting:
Spring 2012 schedule
Midwest Collegiate Conference -
  • -dates are now posted on ITC’s calendar: http://bit.ly/xQ2ZWM
  • -We have about 3-4 riders confirmed for each race weekend (team time trial??)
  • -ITC does not plan to particpate in the Ohio State event on March 24-25
  • - Fees - Registration (reimbursed), Transportation (remibursed), Hotel (paid for by Student Activities Fund)
  • Ian and I will send a separate message to those planning to race about logistics, licenses, paperwork we need to submit to the Office of Campus Life etc. (We can really use some help with the paperwork!)

Standing Coffee Rides
  • Mondays and Wednesdays 7am, leaving from Under the Tube (33rd and State) weather permitting.

Indoor Trainer Sessions
  • Sunday’s, 11am at Loren Bo’s apartment. We will confirm the session week by week, since Bo has grown-up responsibilities and may not be able to host us every Sunday. Any donors or trustees out there interested in helping support IIT Intramurals & Rec? Illinois Tech Cycling could really use a space for our Indoor Trainer Sessions. There isn’t anything available to us on campus that can accommodate the use and storage of the equipment.

Spring Break Training Camp - Georgia March 19-23
  • Look for news soon. We will probably be asking for a deposit or contract of some sort that will be due on February 19. Last year it was a $100 deposit that went toward food consumption.

Team Kit Order
  • The online payment system will open as soon as the kits come in. Once you pay for your kit, you will be able to pick it up from the Office of Campus Life (in the MTCC). They are open from 9am-6pm now.  If you ordered items not made by Hincapie (socks, water bottles, arm/knee warmers) that will be a separate payment and pick-up method.

Pony Shop Order
  • Anyone need anything? Let Sheena know. We will try to get an order out next week.

ITC T-Shirt Design
  • working on it!

Team Roster
  • We need to update our membership with the Office of Campus Life. I was thinking of breaking it down to a couple different categories: Members (any student who comes to ITC events or rides), Members who race in the collegiate conference, Alumni. Please view our Roster and Stats page and forward any updates to me:
  • https://sites.google.com/site/iitcycling/team-roster-and-stats

Super psyched for the upcoming road season,

Sheena Enriquez [BArch IIT '11]

Advisor - Illinois Tech Cycling
Transfer Admission Counselor - Office of Undergraduate Admission
Illinois Institute of Technology

[e] sheena.enriquez@gmail.com
[p] 312.567.3027


2012 Illinois Tech Cycling Kits

posted Dec 3, 2011, 12:27 PM by Sheena Enriquez   [ updated Dec 3, 2011, 4:48 PM ]

Hey all,

We are now taking orders for the new 2012 Illinois Tech Cycling Kits. The above images are what we are submitting to HIncapie for approval, the final design is subject to change. In order to guarantee your order, you need to fill out the 2012 ITC Kit Order Form BY SUNDAY DECEMBER 11, 11:59pm. You do not need to submit payment at that time, but filling out the form guarantees your order.

Active ITC Members:
If you are an active ITC Member, please email sheena.enriquez@gmail.com. I will send you the pre-order form with the subsidized prices. 

Illinois Tech Students, Staff/Faculty, Alumni, General Public:
Please fill out the following form to place your order:

Some Notes:

Size Chart for all the Hincapie apparel can be downloaded here. ITC Kit items are highlighted in yellow. 

The basic 2012 Illinois Tech Kit consists of:
Defeet Armwarmers & Legwarmers (these don't have the team logo on them)
Ponyshop Socks (these also don't have the team logo on them)

Optional items include:
Hincapie Velocity Windvest (VERY USEFUL, portable and compact)
Hincapie Element Polar Jacket (cool looking, but we have found it not to be useful on longer rides or during road races)

Women's shorts are not bibshorts

If you are interested in other Illinois Tech Cycling gear, we will be sending out notices soon for ITC T-Shirts and cycling caps.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks for your interest!

Sheena Enriquez (BArch '11)
Advisor - Illinois Tech Cycling

[e] sheena.enriquez@gmail.com
[p] 312.567.3027

BOG SPRINTS 2 - Friday December 2 - 7pm

posted Nov 29, 2011, 9:25 PM by Sheena Enriquez

Come join us for the Second Semi-annual Roller Races at the Bog – a bar @ IIT. The classic 500 meter Goldsprint with digital recording. Two riders, head to head indoor bike racing on stage on the rivet to see who might be crowned King or Queen of the Bog Sprints. Let us know if you want race ahead of time or show up the night of to get a spot or to just check out the action. Come and witness the theatre and drama of the Bog Sprints.

Prizes brought to you by Metropolis Coffee (will come in handy for finals week!).

Hosted by: Illinois Tech Cycling

With support from:
IIT Office of Student Life
IIT Student Activities Fund
The Pony Shop
Reklaim Apparel
Metropolis Coffee

Questions? leave a comment on the facebook event page.

Please to have Plyometrics offered at Keating again

posted Nov 10, 2011, 9:29 AM by Sheena Enriquez

Hey everyone,

Now that the weather is getting colder, cyclists are beginning to transition from riding outdoors to indoor activities to keep in shape. In the years past, the Plyometrics class offered at Keating has been a big part of maintaining fitness during winter months. Since Jason Neal left his position as the intramurals athletic director this summer, there have not been any intramurals classes offered this semester. Now that the university has hired a new intramurals athletic director, we have an opportunity to let him know the importance of offering this class to students.

Please vote for Plyometrics at the link below. And tell all your friends.

Sheena Enriquez '11
Admission Counselor
Advisor - Illinois Tech Cycling

Get certified to ride at the Chicago Velo Campus

posted Oct 10, 2011, 8:29 PM by Sheena Enriquez   [ updated Oct 10, 2011, 8:31 PM ]

The new velodrome at the Chicago Velo Campus has the steepest bank in the country. We were hoping to arrange a time for a bunch of Illinois Tech people to get certified at once. The facility provides track bike rentals for those of us who don't own one. At the most recent Illinois Tech Cycling Team meeting, the most popular time for everyone was a friday evening after 5pm. The question is, which friday? Please try to answer this survey by Thursday October 13. If you have any questions, please contact me at sheena.enriquez@gmail.com

Please fill out the short survey to let us know when you would like to get certified to ride the track.

To learn more about the CVC: http://www.facebook.com/ChicagoVeloCampus

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