Team Information

We're Illinois Institute of Technology's collegiate bike racing team.  We are a Division 2 National Collegiate Cycling Association team that participates in collegiate Road and Track racing.  We also compete in the non-collegiate Chicago Cyclocross Cup series and participate in whatever other fun scavenger hunts or other bicycle-related activities we can find in the area.  We also host an annual bike swap and a cyclocross clinic taught by the nations top coaches and riders, and schedule several days each of the warmer months where we set up shop in or around the student center and do minor repairs on student bikes for free to give our newer members instructions and experience the art of bicycle maintenance.

About Collegiate Cycling
There is no NCAA, we are not NAIA.  Collegiate cycling is a sport that pits the smallest liberal arts colleges against the largest varsity funded programs in the country.  A fourth place at collegiate track nationals means you are the fourth fastest college student in the country on two wheels -  Everything should be so simple.

There are two divisions based on if your school has greater or fewer than 15,000 students, but this is only for season rankings and nationals (track racing doesn't even bother with this separation).  During the regular season and at regionals, Division 1 and D2 schools race against each other and place against each other.  A win is a win, and the best place D2 rider is still only 8th place in the race (or however they did).  To keep transportation costs down, the country is broken down into conferences with the best teams coming together to face off at nationals.  IIT is part of the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference.  We race against two of the best funded teams in the country, Marian University and Lindsey Wilson as well as every other school from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.  

Where We're from

Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL 60616