This site is meant for you, the future entrants into the IITs, to get an idea of what the different branches actually do and what engineering/sciences really involve. We, the students of IIT Bombay, have prepared this material describing the programmes offered at IIT Bombay based on our experience here. The description of each  programme is focused on how it is structured at IIT Bombay and the nature of similar programmes offered at other colleges might be different. To get an in-depth description of all the departments and programmes, do check out the individual websites of each IIT. 

Please note that this information is NOT officially endorsed by IIT Bombay and merely represents the opinions of the students who have contributed to it.

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Humble Appeal : Countless students have fallen bait to the practice of blindly following the cutoffs of the previous years and ended up hating the branch that they choose. We hope YOU, the future IITian will make judicious use of this first time initiative and make an informed choice.

Undergraduate Programs at IITB