Dr. Debesh R. Roy

                                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR
                                    APPLIED PHYSICS DEPARTMENT 
                                    S. V. NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SURAT
                                    (An Institute of National Importance, Govt. of India)
                                    SURAT 395 007, INDIA

Ph.D. 2008

J. Mag. Mag. Mater. 2018


                              Density Functional Theory (DFT) [link
                              Magic Clusters and Nanostructures [link]
                              Cluster Assembled Materials      [link]
                              2D, Nano and Bulk Materials
                              Molecular Electronics    [link]
                              Quantum Toxicology     [link]
                    Citations: ~2800+, h-index: 23, i10-index: 39


  • Density Functional Theory (DFT)
  • Atomic Clusters for Developing Future Smart Materials
  • Introduction & Hands on training on G09 & GaussView
  • Monte Carlo Methods and Its Applications
  • Graphic Guide to Quantum Mechanics



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Feb 25, 2019: Our work on 'CaX (X=O, S, Se and Te) nanosheets' is accepted for publication in Applied Nanoscience (Springer Science).

Feb 11, 2019: Our work on 'Single layered stanane as toxic/non-toxic gas sensor' is published in PHYSICA E (Elsevier Sci). [Link]

Dec 17, 2018: Dr. Roy has been selected for Regular (Senior) Fellowship of Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK), GERMANY [Link]

Dec 9, 2018: Dr. Roy has delivered an 'invited talk' in an international conference 'ICNP-2018' at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.

Dec 1, 2018: Congratulations to Dr. Vipin for his commencement of Post Doctoral Research at the University of Ulsan, Republic of Korea [Link]

Oct 22, 2018: Our work on 'Thallium nitrides nanosheets for possible thermoelectrics' is published in Applied Nanoscience (Springer). [Link]

Oct 1, 2018: Congratulations to Vipin for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis and being 'Dr.' from 'Mr'.  



Aug 20, 2018: Our work on 'Green synthesis of CuO Nanoparticles using Azadirachta indica and their Antibacterial Activity' is published in Materials Research Express (IOP Science). [Link]

Aug 18, 2018: Our work on 'TM-TPP (TM= Fe, Co, Ni, Cu and Zn) series' is published in Journal of Molecular Modeling (Springer).[Link]

 Aug 11, 2018: Dr. Roy has received ‘Outstanding Scientist in Physics’ of the Venus International Research Awards (VIRA 2018) (in absentia) by Venus International Foundation, Chennai. [Link]

Aug 1, 2018: Our work on 'Synthesis, Characterizations and Antimicrobial Activity of CuO Nanoparticles' is accepted for publication in Current Nanomaterials (Bentham Sci) as an Editorial invited contribution.[Link]

Jul 09, 2018: Our work on 'Toxicity of PHDFs in the light of Quantum descriptors' is published in Computational Biology and Chemistry (Elsevier Sci)[Link]

June 2, 2018: Dr. Roy has received a National Award 'Rashtriya Gaurav Award' from Lt. Gen. K. M. Seth, former Govornor of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Tripura, at the India International Center, New Delhi.


May 2, 2018: Congratulations to Vilas for being selected for DST INSPIRE doctoral fellowship.

March 6, 2018: Our work on 'Six different phases of Indium Nitride' is published in Journal of Materials Science (Springer).[Link]

March 1-3, 2018: Dr. Roy has contributed as Jt. Organizing Secretary and an Editor of the e-Proceedings (ISBN: 978-81-934859-0-3) in the International Conference on Systems and Processes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (ICSPPCB-2018), Assam University, Silchar[Link]

Feb 9, 2018: Congratulations to Esha for successfully defending her Ph.D. thesis and being 'Dr.' from 'Ms'.