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Prof. Dr. Ab Osterhaus

A.D.M.E. Osterhaus, Prof. Dr. (Ab)
Department of Virology, Erasmus MC

Professor Osterhaus is the Head of the Department of Virology of the Erasmus MC Rotterdam with currently about 150 employees, including 14 post-docs, 6 MDs and 10 PhD students. He has a broad experience in leading research projects in the fields of vaccine development and immunopathogenesis of virus infections of man and animals.

The Influenza team at the department of Virology runs an extensive experimental research program that studies the epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of infections with human and animal influenza viruses. The department houses the National Influenza Centre for the WHO in the Netherlands, performing and reporting serology and virology based surveillance of influenza. Recent performance of the group includes H5N1 virus identification, vaccine and anti-viral drug development. Fundamental studies on mechanisms involved in immune-mediated protection against influenza are carried out with the help of animal models, and as part of phase I/II/III clinical trials in humans. The latter are conducted to evaluate the potential of newly developed vaccination and anti-viral drug strategies against influenza. Primary research interest of the immunology branch of the influenza group is the T-cell mediated immune response in natural infections and upon vaccination. Recently, molecular biological strategies to study aspects of the immunology, pathogenesis, zoonosis, epidemiology and prevention of influenza, were initiated. In addition, we have set up, and are currently expanding, new assay systems for influenza surveillance in wild-life and subsequent analyses of pathogenic properties and potential of cross-species transmission of virus isolates.

Apart from heading the Department of Virology at the Erasmus MC, prof. A.D.M.E. Osterhaus is also involved in or with many other initiatives within the Virology field. This involvement ranges from expert advice to various international organisations involved in the area of general human and veterinary health to advising spin-out companies of the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam that are endeavouring to bridge the gap between scientific discovery/knowledge and putting these to practical use in society. 

Source:  Personal Home Page at Erasmus Medical Centre
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