Internationalization strategy

INTERNATIONALIZATION STRATEGY: partnerships, projects and good practices

The former industrial town of Porto Torres is facing the end of an era, not without difficulty.

Economic distress, the necessity of cultural change, the effort towards new economic and environmental opportunities are all acutely felt by the school: a High School with several study curricula including a Scientific, Languages and Sports Grammar School, a Technical Nautical High School and an  Electric and Electronic Vocational School,  all deeply rooted in the fabric of the district. Therefore, we are on the front line in the attempt to support a transformation that is not only desirable but also necessary.

Inside this mainly cultural innovation process,   overcoming  problems born from Sardinia being an Island, becomes a fundamental aspect. The School counteracts these factors by implementing internationalization strategies,  aimed at:

·       acquiring professional skills valuable all over the world

·       learning several foreign languages

·       improving student and teacher mobility

Our school strives to prepare young students for the challenges ahead in a globalized future based on interlinked relationships. This implies, on the one hand, an education that promotes tolerance and intercultural competence, and on the other hand, ensures the necessary preparation for professional contacts on an international level.

International qualifications are becoming more and more important and consequently to be able to stand up to this challenge a multiple strategy must be adopted, characterised  by:

·       an  ESABAC three year course at the Language School, with a final exam certificate valid both in Italy and France.

·       annual courses to achieve the International certificates, level B1 and B2 in English, French, Spanish and  German (University of Cambridge,  Ministère de l’Education Nationale Française, Goethe Institut, Instituto Cervantes etc.). 

·       international AIMO nautical courses

·       one week language stays in the UK, Ireland, Spain and France to improve language skills and provide full time practice of the studied foreign languages

·       class exchanges with Spanish/French/Swedish/German schools

·       offering the  Erasmus+ project to enhance student and teacher mobility  

·       organising partnerships with the „Staatlichen Wirtschaftsschule of Dinkelsbühl“ in Bavaria, Germany

·       organising partnerships with Myrsjöskolan in  Nacka Sweden

·       the welcoming of  Intercultura students

·       participating in the  ETwinning community

·       the search for new partnerships with European schools

Planning abroad stays and exchanges allows our students to improve their language and communication skills, acquire new impressions and ideas to develop personally,  build intercultural competences in their own country and abroad,  enhance their professional opportunities in the job market,  strengthen their self-confidence and independence, improve their problem solving attitude and create important communication nets for their future.

The following good practices have been enacted during the last school years where our students:

·       attended English language schools in Eastbourne and  Ramsgate UK and in  Athlone Ireland;

·       could attend optional Chinese beginner courses

·       took part in language study holidays in Salamanca and Seville, Spain

·       took part in class exchanges in Nacka, Sweden

·       took part in class exchanges in Dinkelsbhül, Germany

·       were awarded level B1 and  B2 Certificates in English, French and Spanish.

·       took part to the project HERE TO HELP, welcoming cruise passengers in Porto Torres 

Besides this, our school:

·       was granted funding for the Erasmus+  project Sport Events Make Friends for  2016-2017.

·       provides native speakers teachers of  English, French, German, Russian  and Spanish

·       organizes final year school trips to European countries;

Finally, last but certainly not least, in 2014 we founded the  “CENTRO LINGUISTICO TURRITANO,” a language centre that exploits spaces and the know-how, typical of a Language High School and places these at the disposal of the town and territory of Porto Torres, first of all to the students and their families, but also to public institutions, professionals and private entities or individuals, giving everyone the opportunity to access low cost language courses in English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Spanish at all levels, while providing access to academic goals, be they from a basic entry level to officially recognized Certificates, upon public request.