July 2012: Huliyurdurga 200

The Ride

Huliyurdurga 200K BRM Poster
This rerun of our first brevet presents a chance to experience once again the beautiful route passing through two state forests. The route is a quiet one passing through Magadi, Huliyurdurga, Maddur, Ramanagara and Manchanbele before returning to Bangalore. Except for the stretch between Maddur and Ramanagara on Mysore road, the route avoids busy roads, and the ride is along quiet and green roads.

Note that this is a rolling route with steep ascents and descents.

This is an ACP sanctioned brevet ride, and must be completely self-supported. The ride has to be finished within 13.5 hrs. This is not a competitive ride.

Ride Summary

Date: July 7, 2012, 6AM. Registration formalities begin 5.30AM.
Start: Indian Institute of Science Gymkhana Gate, Yeshwantpur
End: Indian Institute of Science, A-Mess Gate/Kendriya Vidyalaya Gate, Mathikere Road
Distance: 200 km
Time limit: 13.5 hours

Note that the ride has steep ascents and descents. Please make sure you're fit enough to ride a challenging rolling route and your bicycle is in good repair, especially its brakes.

The ride is open to all cyclists regardless of their affiliation.

Rules and Regulations

Please read the rules and regulations for a randonnée.

Lights and reflective jackets are compulsory for this brevet. You will not be allowed to start without them.

The rider must return his/her brevet card to the organizers at the end of the brevet for their ride to be homologated. Riders completing the brevet successfully can opt for a medal from ACP, for which a separate medal fee of INR 350 must be paid. Cards and medals will be returned after a few weeks.

Registration Information

Registration is mandatory and must be done through the RRBM website. The registration fee is Rs 200, which must be paid via online transfer. Payment details will be sent to you via email after registration. You will also need to sign a waiver at the start.

Registrations will close automatically on Wednesday, 4th July at 6pm. 
(Please note that the close date has no connection whatsoever with the American Independence Day. The coincidence is purely coincidental.)

Also note that brevets will happen, no matter rain or shine.

If you already have a jersey number from the 2010 Bangalore Brevets, register using the Returning Riders page. You can look up the roster to find your number.

If you are riding the Bangalore Brevets for the first time and do not have a jersey number, register using the New Rider page, you will be automatically assigned a new jersey number. 

View the list of registrations so far.


This is the route map for reference. You can find the GPX here. Please note the cue-sheet which will be provided to you at the start is the official guide to the route.

Huliyurdurga 200K BRM Revised

Surface: Except for a 12km stretch from Huliyurdurga to Koppa, roads are in good condition. This 12km stretch must be ridden gently due to primitive or non-existent roads in some patches. Road bikes with 23mm and 32mm have ridden this stretch (slowly!). A 4km stretch after Chandrappa circle has some moderately bad roads.

Traffic: Magadi Road has little traffic in the morning, but on the return you may encounter traffic jams if you're late. Mysore Road is wide with moderate traffic. Almost all other roads are very quiet, though all roads have heavy vehicles plying on them (mostly buses).

Terrain: Here is the elevation profile generated by utrack.crempa.net for the route from data provided by gpsvisualizer.com, there is about 1800m of climbing, with some very steep climbs (6%) and descents.

Elevation Graph


A cue-sheet of the same route from last November is available here.

Registered riders will be given the cue-sheet at the Start, along with a map.


From recce and mock:

Huliyurdurga Recce


Map: Alex, Sreepathi

Recce: Sreepathi, Abhijit

Mock: Abhishek, Alex, Sreepathi, Vijay, Abhiram

Photographs: Alex (Mock), Sreepathi (Recce)

Cuesheet: Sreepathi, and the authors of the Savandurga 100 Cuesheet, and ;) Nirmal

Volunteers: Nayan, Pooviah, Abhijit, Adhiraj, Soori, Sreepathi, Gokul, Mustafa