Fun softwares created  by me............

Hi, my name is Iip, this web contain all free softwares created by my self. The software created while I'm learning similar language with the software it self. You could check my blog at in Indonesian language. Since the software is only created as learning result, I don't responsible for any ilegal activity using by this software.<iipsmiley>



This tools created as Firefox browser add-on to get your blog or posting more interactive, more fun and colorfull, this tools is only work for firefox browser. This tools will help you add smiley/emoticons from some good emoticons website like,, etc. You could also cutomize by adding new emoticons from somewhere else, adding html styles, or even javascripts.


This one is for instant use, to install open this file using firefox, or you can drag it directly to Firefox browser, here is the installation file: (choose one of them, upper is the new one, The latest one indicated with Star icon)


Installation tutorial

Latest custom.txt to run with the generator:
custom.txt (Thu Jun 05 2008 13:31:50 GMT+0700 (SE Asia Standard Time))

Below installation is not supported anymore, use above only. This is to reduce confusing of IipSmiley version ...<iipsmiley><iipsmiley><iipsmiley><iipsmiley>

Generator download (Customize IipSmiley) :
Choose this if you want to generate static version of IipSmiley, no icon will be downloaded. to run it , extract into spesific directory and click genStatic.bat, here is the file to download:(striked links are old version, not recomended to download)

This one is same as above but all icon will be downloaded and will be added into xpi installer, faster smiley but slow in generating the installer. To run it, extract into specific directory and then run genfull.bat) is the installation files:(striked links are old version)

To customize the generator you need to edit custom.txt both generator need internet connection when running or generating. when done you can install .xpi file in output directory under it.

Both generator only work under windows , I'm not yet test it under linux using wine.


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