Welcome to International Initiative For Mother And Child Nonprofit (IIMAC) Volunteer website.

Thank you for choosing to become part of our volunteer family God bless you! The goal of the IIMAC -Volunteer is to serve as many less privilege victims and migrant community as possible, including local communities deprived from health, safe drinking water, shelter, education etc..,

Our goal is: To maintain s sustaining healthy,safer society of women and children free from poverty.

 - Our achievements: We have successfully carried our a free education empowerment program which we provided kids with free writing materials and feeding while in our school.

The role we play: We play a role in helping to shape communities lacking essential amenities ,recently we are planning on donating children toys and cloths to children in various communities in globally. 


If you desire to contribute to our society, to help very poor people in little ways that you join us!.  

We understand that after working in big cities and room with working excellent facilities like AC and TV etc.. including computer and steady electricity is going to be a challenge to work in a community that lacks all of these facilities.

 But remember this challenge is for the benefit of our very poor deprived women and children who urgently need our assistance in education and otherwise, indeed this task is not an easy task at all, however it gives one the utmost feelings of satisfaction and great pride to be a part of someones dream to become a doctor,nurse,teacher etc.. most of the children are really smart some of them wishes to grow up and become teachers so they can also impact in their communities . The people you are about to meet are living in isolated air-conditioned offices, cut off from much of the world.

Research shows that millions of children around the world are deprived of good education every year. Educated people, although willing to help, are unable to, as traveling to far away villages to teach or to facilitate education is an impractical and also an unattractive option.But we here hope to bring education to them to through your support and strength.

About Our Organization
International Initiative For Mother And Child Nonprofit (IIMAC) is a global, non-governmental nonprofit organization that is fighting for  human rights. IIMAC is dedicated to building sustainable models of poverty elimination through community-driven empowerment that proposes to fight for the rights of women and children through our sustainable income generating projects and career development. We help them to engage in income activities by training and supporting them to become empowered and become fully self-sustainable . We also work in communities by helping to empower the local citizens in various communities around the world. 
Become a Volunteer
Several IIMAC programs self funded and supported by volunteers because International Initiative For Mother And Child Nonprofit (IIMAC) receives no income from government grants or an endowment. We provide assistance by  means of teaching ,training in our organization.We are able to carry out our work effectively through the wonderful power of volunteering. We can only reach our goals through their support and kindness and we consider them our backbone!. Our team of Volunteers help us to raise fund. By raising funds we are able to support many poor children and women through our funding, by donating cloths, feeding, medical care, children books etc...We are ever grateful to them!  
Volunteer Program Duration 
5-8 weeks, 7-12 months 
Typical Duration of Program 
7-12 months

Please inquire for specific dates
Service Opportunities
We are planning to visit more remote areas untouched and unaided for the less privilege and we hope you will join us  . More details will be made available to you .

If you are very creative then join us lets make this . Do you have a way of helping us gather children story books?, we are delighted to hear from you contact us!!. Our small of less privileged  kids  is located in Asia and Africa, and we will be very happy to have you join us . 

Can't make it this year ?

Don't worry just send your used books, PC, TV, Blankets, Candies, Chocolate, Biscuit etc or donate directly.