For some its nostalgia, for some it’s fun, for some it’s time to clear the confused minds before they are out to the real world and yet other it is an opportunity to get exposure to wide IIFM alumni network that IIFM have created over the years. Reminiscence is a two-day event held annually in the campus by the alumni cell. It is usually held in the month of January. Alumni from all over India participate in the event to relive the life they cherished once.

Reminiscence’16 was a great success with presence of around alumni over two days. The event included a host of activities like the nature trail in the campus, paint ball and archery, photography exhibition and tribal night representing the tribal diversity of India. The event was further hyped by the food stalls set up by the iifmites, ranging from appetizing soups, coffees, noodles to delicious chicken BBQ and mouth-watering desserts. Thus, All Alumni enjoyed the tribal night with Tribal music on the background with their plates full. Photographs from the photography event were there for exhibition as well as for sale.

Reminiscence'17 to be held in 4th and 5th 2017. Please click here for the participation form.