Adventure Club

Either surviving in the wild or trekking through rugged terrain, facing rigorous competition in various contests organized by the Adventure Club of IIFM helps students develop discipline and team building skills. Taxing oneself at events like rappelling, trekking, monkey crawling among others helps one to evolve a suitable mental attitude to face critical situations in life. Students also get a chance to pragmatically understand the nuances in community development and ecotourism.

Climate Change and Environment Core Competency Cell (C2EC3)

As part of IIFM’s endeavor for providing exposure to different aspects of reality, C2EC3 tries to expose students to different aspects of environment and allied domains. C2EC3 stands with a vision of creating an opportunity to leverage on the intellectual capital of leaders, domain experts, and IIFM alumni who have created new benchmarks in this area. The cell organizes interactive sessions with personalities who have carved a niche for themselves and have made a mark in the areas of conservation, environment, and sustainability. The cell organizes events like mock parliament, quizzes, and paper presentations on environmental issues to help students imbibe the values of IIFM.

Communication Cell

The Communication Cell of IIFM is a medium for communication and information sharing with other colleges or corporate entities or even with the alumni. It is responsible for handling the overall media coverage of IIFM in order to increase the visibility of IIFM throughout the country. Through the years, the cell has progressively succeeded in communicating as well as creating awareness about the existence of IIFM to the masses. It organizes quizzes, case study competitions and CSR model competitions along with publishing magazines and conducting the annual conclave. ‘Communicado’ is an annual magazine which highlights the works of students and faculty of IIFM along with news, stories, and articles about what kept IIFM busy throughout the year. The communication cell focuses on the ‘people’ part of the triple bottom line concept or on social issues like rural development by bringing in the component of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where professionals are invited to share their knowledge and enlighten the students about the sector.

Dramatics club

The mandate of PRATIBIMB - The Dramatics club of IIFM is to bring out acting skills of the students. Performing on stage provides students confidence and helps them to open up. We will help expose students to the theater world and audience to literature of playwrights that form a treasure trove of our culture. Apart from that, organizing events helps the students to learn management skills. The dramatics club also provides students' exposure at national level when they can compete with other institutes. The goals of the club are to develop professional theater skills that would involve management aspects and organizing events at large scale to build a repository of scripts from famous playwrights and to help inculcate script writing skills among students and to address social and environmental issues through street plays.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) is a horizon for ideas and innovation at IIFM. The objective of the cell is to promote social and commercially viable business models and to provide a platform and nurture the budding managers from business schools across the nation to come up with such business ideas. EDC recognizes the need of entrepreneurship aimed at sustainable development and inclusive growth driven by innovations. EDC believes that an entrepreneur is an instrument of change for the society who not only elevates towards her/his path of success but also creates value for the society. The EDC organizes business plan competitions, quizzes, and is also responsible for holding the annual flagship event, Coalescence where professionals from various sectors share their vision and experience about their ideas on entrepreneurship.

Literary club

Literary club at IIFM involves in activities such as communication building, written and oral communication, competitions for enhancing related skill sets. The club provides a platform to make students participate in various skill building programs to energize creativity in required level of expertise in professional communication. The club regularly organizes various competitions like poetry recital, debate, extempore, and quiz where students actively participate to hone their skills.

Mess Committee

The Mess committee is responsible for managing and operating our mess, Swaruchi. The students decide the menu, check the accounts, audit them regularly, manage the finances ensuring best quality food is available for our diverse student community. Cuisines from every state are introduced every week and special menu is created for festivals and formal occasions. Swaruchi is our home away from home.

Sports Club

Sports club at IIFM provides facility to the students to partake in their flagship events like athletics, cricket, soccer, tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, table tennis etc. This also gives them a chance to represent the institute at All India Forest Meets. Faculty and alumni also participate in many of the events.