Important Dates


September 9th, 2016


  First round country selections due


September 23rd, 2016


  First round selections announced


October 7th, 2016


  Second round country selections due


October 21st, 2016


  Second round selections announced


October 25th-26th 2016


  Iowa Youth Symposium


November 4th, 2016


  Third Round Country Selections due


November 18th, 2016


  Third round country selections announced

  (Following this date, all country selections will be made on an individual school       basis.)


March 3rd, 2017


  Last day to add or drop a country


March 10th, 2017


  Delegate credentials submission deadline


March 24th, 2017


  Position paper submission deadline


April 6-7, 2017

  Spring Conference