Training Videos

Dress Code

This is a fun little video that gives examples of a contrasting clothing outfits.  On the left side of the aisle, you see clothing that is acceptable for conference (suits, dress pants, nice skirts or dresses, etc.).  On the right side of the aisle, you see clothing that is not acceptable for conference (sweatshirts, tennis shoes, jeans, t-shirts, etc.).  As a rule, all delegates should wear Western Business Attire.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the UNI Secretariat Here.  One Correction: The website listed at the end of the video is no longer available.  To find more information, click Here.

Parliamentary Procedure

Here you will find a short video that demonstrates a simulated committee session.  The process followed in this video is the process delegates will follow at UNI IHSMUN Conferences.  A more detailed breakdown of parliamentary procedure is available below in the video labeled: "Committee Procedure Breakdown - Start to Finish".  

International Court of Justice Training Video

The International Court of Justice follows a different format than the rest of the IHSMUN committees.  Please review this video and take a look at the information on the International Court of Justice page when preparing for conference.

Blocing Process for IHSMUN

IHSMUN uses a blocing process at conference.  This is grouping countries together in large blocs of countries with like characteristics and ideologies.  These countries would likely work together in drafting resolutions.  This blocing process was created to aid students in our simulation by fostering cooperation and collaboration with likely partners in the international community.  More information about the blocing process is available on our Conference Materials page.  If you have any questions about our blocing process, contact the Secretariat here.

Committee Procedure Breakdown - Start to Finish

Delegate Resources Available in Committee Rooms

Delegate Training - Writing Ammendments