Welcome to the IHSMUN archives! Here you will find past topics for both conferences and examples of past resolutions and background guides.

Here are some examples of final papers:
  Spring Conference 2016

 Political & Security
 Police Brutality
 Securitization in International Relations Regarding the Industrial Military Complex
 Drug Trafficking and Criminal Activity
 Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural
 Eradication of Racial Profiling
 Global Sexual Health Education of Adolescents
 Water Security
 Regulation of Child Labor Laws
 Regulations of Sustainable Nuclear Energy
 Border Security of Sovereign States
 Control of Resources in a Time of Scarcity
 Management of International Military Aid
 Security Council
 European Humanitarian Crises
 Trans-Pacific Partnership
 1960-1964 United Nations Involvement in the Congo
Legal Committees
 Sharing of Intelligence
 Reform of Common Agricultural Policy
 Reduction of Plastic Usage and the Preservation of the Marine Ecosystem
 State Action on Climate Change
 Campaign Finance Reform
 The Impacts of Economic Sanctions

Spring Conference 2015

 Political & Security
 State Sovereignty
 Enforcing Non-State Actors Policies
 Free and Fair Elections
 Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural
 Internet Censorship
 Rights of LGBT* Individuals
 Providing Aid to Those Stricken by Human-Made Disasters
 Silk Road
 Funding of Renewable Energy Production
 Trans-boundary Waters and Climate Change
 Gender Perspectives on Disarmament
 The Conflict in Ukraine
 Civilian Airline Traffic
 Security Council
 The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
 Containment of the Ebola Outbreak
 Gaza and Israeli Conflict
Legal Committees
 Self Determination of Nations
 Human Trafficking in Member States with Legal Prostitution
 Protection of Minority Languages
 Legality of Drones
 Dissemination of Critical Documents
 International Space Law

 Spring Conference 2014:
 Political & Security
 The Rights of Refugees
 Extraordinary Rendition and Detention Without Charge
 International Intervention in Democratic Uprisings
 Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural
 Sex Equality in International Politics and Relations
 International Control of Epidemics
 Rights of the Disabled
 International Food Quality Standards
 Global Debt Reform
 Use and Regulations of GMOs
 The Disarmament of Chemical Weapons
 Reduction of Military Budgets
 Environmentally Destructive Weapons and Warfare

        Iowa Youth Symposium 2016:
Climate Refugee
Economic Intellectual Property Rights
Species Extinction
Political Free and Fair Elections

         Iowa Youth Symposium 2015:

 SocialJuvenile Offenders
Economic Free Trade vs. Fair Trade
Biometric Identification and Privacy
Political Refugee Rights 

        Iowa Youth Symposium 2014:
 SocialChildhood Obesity 
Economic  Consumption and Consumerism
The Global Burden of Mental Health 
Political Security Council Reform and Expansion