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Iowa Youth Symposium
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Each year, the Iowa High School Model United Nations organization assists
the Iowa United Nations Association Faculty Advisors Council in hosting the
Iowa Youth Symposium in the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Every October, hundreds of students attend the conference to discuss what should be the official position of the United States regarding topics of international importance. Topics range from environmental issues to human rights violations.

The tone of the State House, with its classic Georgian Revival architecture,
is inspiring for delegates, advisors, and the    IHSMUN Secretariat. 

   Spring Conference

    Each spring, the Iowa High School Model United Nations                      
    organization hosts a large scale conference for high school     

    This conference is held on the University of Northern Iowa's
    campus. Students attending model the procedure of the
    United Nations in New York City, but in a slightly modified format.     
    While at this conference, students will work with their peers to
    draft resolutions on topics of international importance. Students
    will use the opinions and viewpoints of member nations of the    
    United Nations to draft position papers, debate with their fellow  
    delegates, and collaboratively construct a final resolution.

    IHSMUN Delegates show a high level of academic excellence   
    and global awareness. Their resolve to create innovative 
    solutions to international problems and dedication to diplomacy is 
    essential in our interconnected society, and serves as a shining 
    model for our policy makers of tomorrow.