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Delegation Size Restrictions

The University of Northern Iowa and IHSMUN must observe all fire codes in buildings on campus. As a result, IHSMUN must strictly enforce delegation size restrictions. If you have more delegates in your delegation than are allowed by the list below, please contact the Secretary-General to be assigned an additional delegation or case in the International Court of Justice for up to two delegates. 

Regardless of number of delegates present, each country gets only one vote per committee. In addition, please try to fill up all of the open committee spots in your delegation before requesting any additional delegations. Finally, not every country sits on every committee, so please check out the current Country List to find out which committees your delegation sits on.

Political and Security2 Delegates
Social, Humanitarian & Cultural2 Delegates
ECOSOC2 Delegates
Disarmament2 Delegates
Security Council1 Delegate
Legal 12 Delegate
Legal 22 Delegate
International Court of Justice2 Delegates