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 Helpful Websites for Introductory Chemistry


Chapter 1 Introduction to Chemistry
Safety information page
Scientific Method Explained
Elements, Compounds, Mixtures explained

Chap 2 Phase changes and energy
Shows energy added to a system increases molecular activity
Phase changes
Phase change interactive
Phase changes defined and modeled
lassification of matter, composition of matter, colloid connection and
society, describing matter
Physical and Chemical changes of matter explained with experiments and inter-actives.
Matter classified into web form
Entropy explained

Chapter 3 Measurement
Significant Digits and Conversion
Sig Figs with various quizzes (possible on-line activity)

Chapter 4 Atomic Structure
The Atom
Parts of the atom interactive
Electron probability explained. Interactive

Chapter 5 Electrons in Atoms
Aplet interactive of electron configurations
Chemistry Help On-Line
How to write Electron Configurations

Chapter 6 Periodic Table
Interactive periodic table and electron shell interactive
Periodic table with densities, electron configurations, sorted by ionization energies

Chapter 7 Ionic and Metallic Bonding
Types of Bonds
Types of Bonds

Chapter 8 Covalent Bonding Molecular Shape
Covalent Bonds
Molecular shapes and covalent bonding 10 The Mole
Shapes of Bonds

Chapter 9 Chemical Names and Formulas
Formula writing

Chapter 10 The Mole
Mole Day Information (6:02AM-6:02 PM 10-23)

Chapter 11Chemical Reactions
Balancing Equations and Reaction Types

Chapter 12: Stoichiometry

Chapter 14 Gas Laws

Chapter 15 Water and Aqueous Systems
Water and Aqueous Solutions

Chapter 16 Solutions and Equilibrium and Solubility Constant

Chapter 17 Thermochemistry
calculating heat reactions
Hess's Law

Chapter 18 Reaction Rates and Equilibrium
reaction rates

Chapter 19 Acids/Bases/Salts

General Help on Chemistry topics

Chemistry quizzes

Kiwi Website on chemistry topics

 Basic Science Page With Multiple Concepts in Chemistry


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