Coaching Tips

Suggestions for Team Coaches

1. Each team should select a name and find an adult team coach. Be creative!  Pick a name that reflects the uniqueness of your team and school.  Design t-shirts to wear to meetings and the Grand Battle!  Don't forget to register before the due date.  Be sure to check the website often for announcements.

2.  Pay attention to DEADLINES!  There are only a few but they are hard and fast.  With so many teams competing and a tight timeline, we have to enforce these deadlines.

3. Coaches are responsible for monitoring the progress of their team and for encouraging each member to read as many of the books as possible.  You might want to meet over your students' lunch hour. Be creative and make it fun!

4. Communicate with your students! Emails from IHSBOB should be shared with your students when appropriate. You might want to collect you students' email addresses into a distribution group for easy forwarding.

5. Explore the website fully. There are FAQs, schedules, hints, links, etc. 

6. At team meetings let each student share important information (setting, plot, characters, theme) about their book with their teammates.  Search online for coaching strategies for battle of the books competitions. 

7. Encourage parental support and interest by sending home a letter of introduction explaining the manager role and plans for future meetings.

8. Stage mock battles and ask questions from the books. Part of the battle will include knowledge of all the authors' names.

9. The most important role of the team coach is to encourage reading for enjoyment. Your good example and support are essential for the smooth operation of the BOB program.