What is Arts Integration?

Arts integration is a term applied to an approach to teaching and learning that uses the fine and performing arts as primary pathways to learning.  Through the connection of personal experience with the subject matter, and an emphasis on the process of discovery which allows for unexpected outcomes, teachers help students to develop more complex thinking skills. 

Arts Integration is the primary instructional model at Innovations High School. Watch this video to learn more about why this innovative way of learning is so successful with Innovations students.

Why the Arts? 
We are compelled to express ourselves.  It is part of what it means to be human.

Culturally Responsive Classrooms through Art Integration
Journal of Praxis in Multicultural Education 2010

Integrating arts into teaching and learning can result in more engaging classrooms for students of all backgrounds. Addressing content through drawing, painting, music, drama, sculpture, and manipulatives results in motivating lessons that reach diverse learners by means of multiple pathways.  Benefits of incorporating the arts include not only academic achievement (Ruppert, 2006; Rabkin & Redmond, 2006), but also increased cultural understanding, better self-esteem, and a healthier cultural identity (Purnell, et al., 2007; Graham, 2009).

Benefits Associated with the Arts:
-better reading and language skills
-mathematical skills
-thinking skills
-social skills
-motivation to learn
-positive school environment

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