South Dakota Chapter Purpose: 
To bring together multiple healthcare disciplines and teaching institutions for learning and collaboration on patient safety and quality improvement. We seek to do this through the common platform of the IHI Open School and by building teamwork among us as South Dakota learners. All of this is for the patient’s best interest which is healthcare’s reason for being. We therefore seek to foster patient-centered environments through learning approaches that address the complexity inherent in healthcare delivery systems, into which the patient enters. To these ends we seek to help equip students from all disciplines and at any stage of learning, with the tools necessary to become leaders in patient safety and quality improvement.

What is IHI Open School for Health Professions? 

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) created the IHI Open School for Health Professions to teach patient safety and quality improvement skills to the next generation of health care professionals. By means of a thorough website and in-person events, the IHI Open School reaches directly to health professions students, offering them the opportunity to learn state-of-the-art approaches to improving the care systems in which they will work.  The IHI Open School offers free online courses for students, residents and faculty in the areas of patient safety, quality improvement, teamwork, communication, and patient centered care.  

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Don Berwick: IHI Open School

Why You Should Join


By the numbers:

  • Percent of Americans who report that they or a family member have experienced a medical error: 22
  • Annual cost to the U.S. economy of preventable patient injury from medical errors: $17 to $29 billion
  • Percent of health care workers who don’t clean their hands between patients: 50 to 80
  • Number of patients each year who acquire infections in U.S. hospitals: 1.7 million
  • Rank of U.S. among major industrialized countries in per capita spending on health care: 1
  • Ranks of U.S. in rate of deaths from conditions we know how to prevent or treat: 1]

Stay updated and share resources with us! 

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What's Best About Our Organization?

Our organization is designed as an inter-disciplinary group of health professions students, who come together for the purpose of improving the care of our patients! There are no requirements for attendance at events or dues. You can join our organization and access all of the resources that The IHI Open School has to offer. http://www.ihi.org/offerings/IHIOpenSchool/Pages/default.aspx  

Whether you are a health professions student, healthcare provider, dean,  faculty member, or a member of the community, we want to collaborate with you!  Please join us!

For more information, or to sign-up to be a member of our organization, e-mail us at ihiusd@gmail.com.

The IHI Open School is growing at an extremely fast rate:

Over 145,000 students and residents, and over 10,000 faculty and deans are registered on IHI.org

15,000+ students and residents have earned their IHI Open School Certificate of Completion

90,000 students and residents have completed at least one IHI Open School course

The IHI Open School has 594 chapters in 46 states and 60 countries