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What is SCIAC exactly?  

The Santa Cruz Israel Action Committee is a student organization on the UCSC campus that is both Pro-Israel and Pro-Peace. SCIAC raises awareness to the complex nature of the conflict in the Middle East as well as Israel beyond the conflict- Israel as a democracy, Israel in the 21st century, and Israeli culture. SCIAC holds events that are fun, educational and political.  

When does SCIAC meet?

The Santa Cruz Israel Action Committee meets on a weekly basis. We hold meetings each Tuesday at 8:30pm at Hillel (located at 222 Cardiff street, at the base of campus, right next to 7-11 and Slug Books).

Do you have to be Jewish to join SCIAC?

Anyone and everyone who shows an interest in learning more about the conflict in the Middle East, or Israel in general  is encouraged to join the Santa Cruz Israel Action Committee, so long as they agree to be respectful and agree with Israel's right to exist as a Jewish Democratic state. We do not discriminate against any relgious affiliation.

What is SCIAC's political stance?

 The Santa Cruz Israel Action Committee is a centrist organization. That being said, we  sponsor and co-sponsor events and speakers with the similar perspectives and messages, or agendas.

 How can you be both Pro-Israel and Pro-peace? isn't that an oxy moron?

The Santa Cruz Israel Action Committee believes in Israel's right to exist and also holds the notion that with education, and tolerance, peace can be taught and achieved in the Middle East. SCIAC is not an anti-Palestine group; rather, we focus on promoting awareness about Israel and not "bashing" the other side.



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