IHC Famous Engine

Date of manufacture: 1906
Horsepower rating = 3.0
Shipping weight = 945 pounds.
Operating speed = 360 RPM.
Maximum operating speed = 440 RPM.
Flywheel diameter = 26.5 inches.
Flywheel face = 2.5 inches.
Fuel tank capacity = 3.5 gallons.
Height = 51 inches.
Regular pulley = 9 inches.
Pulley face = 5.5 inches.
Length of skids = 63 inches.
Width of skids = 20.75 inches.

Equipment - IHC Famous vertical engines were equipped complete for running with the following accessories:
One galvanized steel gasoline tank in the base of the engine, galvanized steel cooling tank, one regular size pulley, muffler, tool and battery box with tools and batteries, spark coil, switch, oil
can and large can of the best gas engine lubricating oil, all mounted on a substantial
wooden base, making a compact self-contained
outfit that can be moved at will.

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