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Check out our December 2007 Pictures

December 2007 pics

Click here to check out Halloween and Pumpkin Race 2007 photos:

Halloween Time



June 2007 - Trip to Phoenix, AZ




 Sharing the Baby


Kawai's stylin' hair


Mana's puppet show 

Biker Chick on Ben's bike

 Kawai's Portrait Weekend October 2007


 Lance and Alani share toys so well!!!!  It's like "gimme that!"

 Three purple girls!  

Family Pictures

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Posing in the garden

Camping in Santa Cruz September 2007







Prize from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk - way to go Daddy


We love our big tent!


Kawai's First Day of Kindergarden at Pacheco Elementary - Dual Immersion Spanish/English Program


3 sistahs chillin'


Lance and Alani practicing Bruce Lee moves

 Yay, I can sit up now!

Lance's Big Day puts him to sleep

Tired little ballerina

The Big Sistahs

Who says Caltrans workers never do any work!

Alani's finally got a tooth over Thanksgiving!  Here she is working on it (photos by Juleen P.)


Yum, sticks in the yard, so yummy to me.  And now I have 4 teeth (February 2008)

Robb's hair has finally grown out enough so you can see his braids.  This way, he can still have short hair for when he drives UPS trucks, but he can have his long hair when he wants to!