Charity Fashion Event at Queen's University -  December 1st, 2006 - Tickets $10 - Goodes Hall



Inspiring Confidence. Inspiring Style.


A concerned group of Queen's students started iHarmonia, a charity fashion engagement, to increase awareness of eating disorders on campus. We want to improve the way men and women view their body images so that we can all lead a healthy lifestyle.


If you'd like to help us - volunteer, model, or donate funds - please go to our Recruitment page.


Did you know:


- Anorexia is diagnosed in girls as  young as 11 years of age.

- On average, 8 years lapses between the start of an eating disorder and medical treatment.

- Hope exists: recovery rates vary between 75% and 85%.


Help iHarmonia try to prevent future cases of eating disorders by donating or buying a ticket to the event on December 1st, 2006.


"Harmonia" means "harmony" in Italian and represents our desire to bring harmony to the lives of those who are affected by eating disorders.