The Karst Commission

The IGU currently consists of an Executive Committee, 90 National Committees, 2 Special Committees, 4 Task Forces and 36 Special Committees.

  • The Karst Commission aims:
    • To advance knowledge of the geomorphology and hydrology of karst, especially in relation to the impacts of human activities.
    • To improve understanding of the issues involved in sustainable development of karst terrains.
    • To improve understanding of the natural and anthropogenic hazards in karst areas.

  • The work plan 2008 – 2012 consists of:

  • Establish yearly meetings of the commission: 2009 - Kerville (Texas) 2009 at the 15th International Congress of Speleology)

  • 2010 - Israel (IGU Regional Conference)

Co-organization of the International Karstological School “Classical Karst” at Postojna (Dowloadable material from the Karst Research Institute Webpage):

Co-organization of Speleological School in Poland and Czech Rep.:

  • 26th SS 2009
  • 27th SS 2011

Research work focused upon the common problems on different types of karst as:

  • Problems of karst in arid regions (e.g.: Mediterranean Karst): actual processes,water balance, water supply, salt water intrusion, etc.);
  • Tourism on karst: karst and karst phenomena as tourist attractions, tourism and local development, tourist development and/against protection, karst in World Natural heritage;
  • Intensification of internal organization of the commission, intensification of mutual connections with other appropriate IGU commissions and international organizations occupying with karst;


  • Saving Caves - Towards an International Protection System for Karst Environments 
  • Accepting the relay-race from Commission “Environmental changes and conservation in karst areas”, dated by 1994, Commission Karst (C08-23) continues the project “Saving caves – Towards an International Protection System for Karst Environments”. 
  • Steering Committee: George Veni, 1 person is proposed from France (the name is discussed by the colleagues), Viacheslav Andreychouk, Eko Haryono, Cahyo Alkantana, Bagus Yulianto. The formation of the Steering Committee is continuing. 
  • The creation of data base about the most vulnerable and valuable , in terms of science, caves in different countries. 
  • Glossary of the local terms on karst and speleology. The information about local term is generalized. Coordinator: Viacheslav Andreychouk
  • Publication of the first issue of karst local terminology, edited by V. Andreychouk, D. Ford and A. Kranjc.
  • Cave ice ice: geoindicated aspect 
  • Karst Commission continues to publish the most advanced results of cave ice explorations in journal issue “Snow and ice” (till 2010 the name of this one was “Data of glaciological observations”). Now the review has the enlarged possibilities of the publication in colour. Review languages: Russian and English. Coordinator: E. Trofimova 
  • Karst objects at the List of World Heritage 
  • Completion of the nomination foundation of “Nature Park “Lena Pillars” to the List of World Natural Heritage. 
  • Annotated Bibliography of Karst Publications
  • Commission is continuing the work under the Annotated Bibliography of Karst Publications.
  • Publication of the book “Annotated Bibliography on Karst Publications” (for 2008-2011) and preparation of its digital version.
  • Finalization of Commission’s own web site. 
  • Intensification of internal organization of Commission, intensification of mutual connections with other appropriate IGU Commissions and international organizations occupying with the karst.



  • In March 2012 the workshop of IGU Commissions C.08.09 Environment Evolution and C08.23 Karst is planning. The topic: “Environmental Changes and Karst Processes”
  • Generally during the International conferences Commission Karst communicated with the following IGU Commission: C08.04 Climatology, C08.06 Cold Region Environment and C08.18 Hazard and Risk. 
    • International Union of Speleology
    • International Association of Geomorphologists
    • International Geological Correlation Program
    • International Union for Conservation of Nature
    • European Geosciences Union
    • Federal Agency for Nature Conservation of Germany
    • WWF


EGU - Speleothem session - 17 to 22 April 2016
Dates: From 17 Apr, 2016 till 22 Apr, 2016
Location: Vienna - Austria
The speleothem archive: understanding processes and interpreting Quaternary climate change

DeepKarst 2016
Dates: From 11 Apr, 2016 till 14 Apr, 2016
Location: Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA
Organisation: Natl. Cave and Karst Research Institute, UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis
Contact: George Veni

This conference will focus on hypogenic karst and all that entails. Hypogenic karst is formed by rising groundwater and is a growing field of interest with much to learn and refine. It is being organized by the National Cave and Karst Research Institute of the USA in cooperation with Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis Commission of the International Union of Speleology.

Fissured and Karst Aquifers
Dates: From 17 Apr, 2016 till 22 Apr, 2016
Location: Vienna

If you are considering to attend EGU General Assembly in Vienna (April 17th-22nd,2016), there is still some time to hurry and contribute to the session Fissured and karstified aquifers (HS8.2.4).

Link to the session:

7th International Workshop on Ice caves - IWIC VII
Dates: From 16 May, 2016 till 22 May, 2016
Location: Postojna, Slovenia
Organisation: International Union of Speleology's Glacier, Firn, and Ice Caves Commission and the Karst Research Institute, Postojna.

IWIC is a series of workshops devoted to ice cave research. This Workshop will consist of oral and poster presentations held in Postojna and field trips to ice caves and caves and karst in SW Slovenia.

More detailed first circular, at the beginning of December, will cover the important dates, registration conditions and the program of the meeting.

For the Organizing Committee, Andrej Mihevc.

24th International karstological school “Classical karst”: Paleokarst
Dates: From 13 Jun, 2016 till 17 Jun, 2016
Location: Postojna, Slovenia
Organisation: Karst research Institute ZRC SAZU
Contact: Bojan Otoničar;

Eurokarst 2016
Dates: From 05 Sep, 2016 till 09 Sep, 2016
Location: Neuchatel, Switzerland
Organisation: the Universities of Neuchâtel, Besançon, and Malaga
Contact: Philippe Renard
Registration URL: Click to open
Registration deadline: 01 Oct, 2015

More information on upcoming events can be seen in the section on the section News and Annoucements