For students, Memory Buddy is great for:
  • SAT, TOEFL, GRE, MCAT, ACT vocabulary words
  • Scientific terms
  • Important names

For adults and professionals:

  • Professional lingo
  • Useful quotes
  • Favorite wines, restaurants, hard-to-recall names
  • Frequently-used lists

Memory Buddy helps you memorize new vocabulary words while surfing the web, reading email, or running other apps.  It accomplishes this by flashing the words periodically on your Android notification bar, irrespective of which app you're presently running.  You may also set Memory Buddy to speak the words using voice synthesis. 
Memory retention is naturally  increased through visual and aural repetition of the words.

Memory Buddy is free of charge, Ad-Free and comes with twelve pre-installed word lists:
  • SAT (450 words)
  • PSAT (250 words)
  • SSAT (380 words)
  • TOEFL (500 words)
  • GRE (500 words)
  • GMAT (290 words)
  • LSAT (400 words)
  • AP US History (200 terms)
  • AP Biology (430 terms)
  • AP English (170 terms)
  • AP Music (245 terms)
  • Dolch 220 (220 words)

You can create new lists by either importing from the SD card or by typing the items.  The lists may be shared with others via email as well as Google Docs.  Audio recording is also supported when creating new items you want to commit to memory.
Memory Buddy has proven especially useful for memorizing vocabulary words, while preparing for SAT, TOEFL and similar exams.

Memory Buddy can also serve as a list manager for useful and frequently-needed information, such as groceries, to-do items, favorite restaurants, etc.  Folks have even used Memory Buddy to help them recall romantic lines.

Memory Buddy runs on Android 2.1 and newer, and is compatible with both smartphones and tablets.