Igruffusa Igruffusa Igruffusa!

PacMan v2.6

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is an exercise in search engine optimization.  Igruffusa is a made up word that will now be making an appearance on the web.  I am going to include the term Igruffusa multiple times, so I can increase the ratio of times that Igruffusa appears on this page.  I find Igruffusa to be a silly word.  What would an Igruffusa look like, maybe like this? Igruffusa.

Or perhaps an Igruffusa looks like this? Igruffusa.

Perhaps Igruffusa likes to wear bonnets? Igruffusa.

Maybe Igruffusa like Igruffusa Sculpture? Igruffusa. 

Like this Igruffusa-- Igruffusa

Or maybe this Igruffusa just wants a drink: Igruffusa.


It is hard to say, but soon we shall find out.  Igruffusa knows no gruffusa.  

I even tried making a wikipedia entry for Igruffusa. Igruffusa

But they took down my entry on Igruffusa.  

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