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o you want secured access to fresh, locally grown, sustainably grown vegetables, grains, milk and meat?
I do and so does my family. I grow food for my family and others - and I would like to grow food for you, too. And in spite of what you might think, it's really not expensive. Often it's less than in your grocery store!
In this time of food safety scares and factory farms I provide natural, nutritious and real food. Vegetables and meat as well as northwestern flour ground freshly.
If you eat traditional foods, I am happy  to supply you with vegetables for fermenting. And if you want poultry, pork, goat or beef I am happy to supply organs, neck, feet and head for making stock.

Our family eats traditional foods, like raw milk, kimchi, broth and lard. Our diet is extremely high in fat. We believe the traditional foods of our ancestors were the healthiest and best for our bodies.While we believe in this way of eating, we support no political or lobbyist groups. We believe that everyone should listen to their own bodies and make their own decisions about what to eat, and what not to eat - freedom of ingestion! We munch our food quietly… except for the bone broth.

  Call Gord at 503-840-0873
Email:  gord@farmergord.com

Our made up fake address is 12500 NW Springville Rd, Portland, OR 97229
Why fake? Because otherwise you'd have to follow directions... this way your GPS can help you...
But doesn't that mean illegitimate, dishonest or even nefarious? Well.... the county has not yet issued us a street address and you need to find the farm.

12500 NW Springville Rd

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