Help for the Local Church

What records can we discard or what must we keep and for how long?  What's the best way to preserve these old books?  We're celebrating an anniversary, who were all our pastors?  These may be some of the questions our local congregations have. 

The archivist is here to help! There is no fee to have the archivist research church history.  She is also available to make personal visits to any church to assist in records management and preservation or to present workshops on records management.  A typical workshop spans 2.5 hours and is best presented to a group of no more than 15 people. 

Transfer church records to the archives for permanent housing if the church has "no room at the inn" or if the books are in poor condition and there is a concern for their permanent preservation. 

The archivist can assist the local congregation with non-budget-buster preservation techniques.