Welcome to I Got Wood!

This place isn't as naughty as it might sound. This is my little showroom for the stuff that I make.


So, who am I then?
I'm Magnus Hultgren, a network engineer by trade and a woodcarving hobbyist at heart, living in Sweden.
I picked up woodcarving more or less by chance in the summer of 2005 when I started carving on a few canes just to pass time. 
From there I went on to do reliefs and a hobby and stress reliever was born.

As I work with computers all day normally, the possibility to work with a more aesthetic and organic craft like woodcarving is a real treatment for the mind. I see it like a zen-thing  to do, where you have to let everything else go and have absolute concentration or else you will walk away bleeding. :-).

So feel free to use the buttons on the top to browse through my world. And if you would like to contact me, the address is mahuwood@gmail.com

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