A bit about me: I was certified in massage in 2003 by Spa Tech in Westboro. I have been working for myself since then and am trained in Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Swedish massage, Polarity, Reiki, (level 3 practitioner/teacher) and Ashiatsu. I am licensed each year as is my establishment.

How does a session go? We will briefly review the intake form you submitted and discuss your goals for the session. I will leave the room, and so you can get undressed and on the massage table between a fitted sheet and top sheet or towel. I usually will start on a your back , so you will lie on your stomach, with your face in the face cradle. Cover yourself with the towel or sheet and blanket and call me in.

What to do during a session? It is your time and you can talk or remain silent for any portion of it. Please know that with a deeper tissue massage, I will need to check in regarding pressure. Alternatively, If you are having a session where you wish to incorporate energy work, I will need to concentrate so might ask you to focus quietly on your breathing.

How do I pay? My preferred method of payment is to have you pay online through my square software. I rarely have cash for change, so if you do wish to pay in person, please come with the exact amount. If you are redeeming a gift certificate, you can bring in a printed copy.

Tarot Cards and Astrology? What the heck is that about? These are new tools I am using to gain insights into how to best serve my clients. Both are based on energy and enable you to see your strengths, challenges and opportunities with a fresh perspective. I do need a week's notice to create a natal chart.

Covid Concerns? I am fully immunized to prevent the spread of Covid-19. If you are not, please wear a mask in the studio.