.NET plugin framework for SourceBoost IDE

Download framework - ZIP


Installation and first steps

1. Prepare the SourceBoost to load your plug-in

   a) Copy ManagedPlugin.dll file into the SourceBoost installation folder.

   b) Copy ide.exe.config file into the SourceBoost installation folder. This is required only if you're planning to check debu trace for the main application.

   c) Copy ManagedShim.dll file into the SourceBoost installation folder.

2. Now we're going to create our simple plugin

    a) In the VS2005 create new class library project.

    b) Add reference to the ManagedShim.dll and set "Copy Local" property to FALSE.

    c) Add new Form to the project. Make this form a Dialog. Set FormBOrderStyle to NONE. Remove Min,Max and Control buttons. Make sure that the form is not shown in the Task Bar.

    c) Inherit your main class from the ManagedShim.PluginBase class.

    d) Imlement GetForm method where you'll have to create your form (new) and return its reference.

    e) Copy the ManagedPlugin.config file into the installation forlder. Make sure that the PluginModule value equal to the name of your class library and PluginForm value to the full name of your plugin class (including all the namespaces).

   f) Compile everything and deploy it into the SourceBoost installation folder.

   d) Start the SourceBoost - you should see your plugin.


Cardinal Rules  (for smart developers)

1. Don't put all your code in plug-in callback routines. Try to make them very short - it'll make the IDE to run faster.

2. NEVER access your form controls from the plug-in callback routines - they are running on a differend thread than your form. Use Form.Invoke mechanism to update your form - see sample plugin code if you need an example.


Sample Plugin

Here how the sample plugin will look like diring the debugging session:

This is how the plugin form was created in the VS2005: