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My Presentations:

  1. Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR): No More Asynchronous Spaghetti
  2. Give it a REST - WCF, REST, POX, URLP and other animals
  3. Breaking the boundaries of the enterprise - advanced communications in BizTalk Services domain
  4. WFF is not only for serious dudes - Taking WFF outside of its boundaries and using workflows in the places you didn't think possible.
  5. PowerShell - extending your projects with PowerShell "To Infinity ... and Beyond" (samples source code)
  6. Workflows are ... not only for Business (samples source code)

Membership(s) and certifications


Active member of the Boston .NET group and

Contributor to Mono and

Active contributor to


My hobbies:

Electronics, Robotics, Home and device automation

Some of the project results are published in my Hobby Projects section.


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