Top 10 Standards


I asked 67 best jazz musicians in the world - from North America to Europe to Japan - to name their most important 10.


Here’s some stats

First respondent: Peter Erskine

Speed of first response: 29m 18s – less than 3 min per Standard

Last respondent: John Scofield

Total number of standards: 112

Number of musicians that responded: 49


Question posted:

..what are, in your opinion,

the top 10 jazz standards that every student of jazz guitar should learn as

soon as possible that will put him on the right track of studying in

terms of importance of chord progression for further studies and

usefulness in a real life situations like jam sessions..also excluding

regular blues progression and rhythm changes - assuming that they are

already working on those..


And The Top 10 are:


1. All The Things You Are

2. Stella By Starlight

3. Autumn Leaves

4. Green Dolphin Street

5. Body And Soul

6. Take The A Train

7. Blue Bossa

8. There Is No Greater Love

9. Satin Doll

10.Have You Met Miss Jones


To see Top 100 List clik HERE


Thanks to everybody who took their time to answer the question. And I know how hard it is to actually narrow them down to only ten. Thank you very much for your time and wisdom –

- I really appreciate it.