Imaging With Nature


[1] CS:Sparse Channel Separation wt Random Probes, Turbo Reconstruction of Structured Sparse Signals, Imaging through turbulence using coherence CS, TCSPC
[2] CS: Compressive Sensing for Spectroscopy and Polarimetry, Q&A with Andres Asensio Ramos, Some news from HERSCHEL/PACS
[3] Do you feel lucky ahead of time ?
[4] Seeing through takes time
[5] CS / Imaging With Nature: A Galaxy Wide Single Pixel Camera

CS: A note on calibrating a Random Imager, Quantization using Compressive Sensing, Robust Matrix Decomposition with Outliers
CS: Imaging heavens and earth

These Technologies Do Not Exist: A Cloud Based Sun Imager (Imaging with Nature)
These Technologies Do Not Exist: Planet Sized Sensors
Imaging With Nature: Cloud edition.
CS: Is HIFT an instance of Imaging With Nature ? The data is available.
Imaging with Nature (part 3)
Imaging with Nature (part 2)
Imaging with Nature