These Technologies Do Not Exist

  “Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If it’s original, you’ll have to ram it down their throats”  Howard Aiken

Current Technologies using Compressive Sensing can be found in the Compressive Sensing Hardware Page .A summary of different new technologies potentially enabled by the use of Compressive Sensing are listed below:
  1. A Random Anger Coding Scheme for PET/SPECT cameras  (Nov 24th, 2009)
    1. On June 8th, 2012, a paper entitled Compressed sensing for the multiplexing of large area silicon photomultiplier PET detectors: Acquisition and calibration by Peter Olcott, Ealgoo Kim, Garry Chinn and Craig Levin seem to aim in a similar direction
  2. Random X-ray Collectors in CT (Nov 28th, 2009)
  3. Compressive MultiChannel Radiation Analyzers (July 17th,2010)
  4. Time Modulated Photo-Multiplier Tubes (PMT) (July 18th, 2010)
  5. Imaging With Nature: Planet Sized Sensors (July 24th, 2010)
    1. October 29th, 2011: In Strike Number 5 in the "Technologies That Do Not Exist" Section, a new paper sets out to perform a very similar undertaking:  Diffuse Reflectance Imaging with Astronomical Applicationsby Samuel W. Hasinoff, Anat Levin, Philip R. Goode, William T. Freeman.
  6. Imaging With Nature: A Cloud Based Sun Imager (July 25th, 2010)
  7. A Galaxy Wide Single Pixel Camera (November 6th, 2010): 
    1. On  May 18th, 2011 a presentation entitled It's full of stars and everything in between: presented Compressed Sensing for Weak Lensing and it was eventually featured on a preprint/paper entitled A Compressed Sensing Approach to 3D Weak Lensing by Adrienne Leonard,François-Xavier Dupé, Jean-Luc Starck (November 30th, 2011)

  8. Imaging Turbulence (December 19th, 2010)
  9. The Streaming Camera (November 17th, 2011)
  10. A Faster Nanopore DNA Sequencing Technique (August 3rd, 2012)
  11. Closed-Loop Inertial Confinement Fusion (December 21th, 2012)
  12. The Randomized MALDI TOF MS/MS and Mass Spectrometry system (March 17th, 2013)
  13. Compressive Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy (April 7th, 2013)

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