What is it?               

iGoogDocs will help you productively manage and manipulate your Google Docs documents on an iPhone. It provides an easy-to-use interface to Google Docs and offline capabilities for deferred uploads. The main features include:
    ★ Work offline i.e. write or edit documents while the internet connection is not available
    ★ Change fonts to your online/offline documents
    ★ Attach photos to a local text document
    ★ Access all the available Google Mobile apps with only one tap.
    ★ Export files into different formats
    ★ View/Download documents revision history
    ★ Search keywords in a document
    ★ Convert a text photo into an editable text document
    ★ Translate a document into 13 different languages

A lite version of iGoogDocs is available as well, please check it out here.
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iGoogDocs 1.5  new!            
★ With iGoogDocs 1.5 you are able to:
   ► Create folders
   ► Add files/folders to folders
   ► Move files/folders from one folder to another

★ Search capability has been added to this version. Available search parameters include:
   ► partial title match
   ► exact title match
   ► an option to include folders in the search results
   ► an option to search deleted items
   ► full text query

★ Version 1.5 enables you to view arbitrary files online!

iGoogDocs 1.2           
★ iGoogDocs 1.2 enables you to edit documents online and save the updated documents to your Google Docs account or to the local storage on the iPhone. This eliminates the existing unnecessary complicated document editing process.
★ You are now able to select a font and an appropriate size from a range of available fonts on the iPhone. Font picker is available for both online and offline documents.

★ Supports photo insertion and deletion for a text document. (This is only available for offline documents.)
    ► Text documents with photos inserted can be saved locally on the iPhone.
    ► Texts and inserted photos can also be set as the content of an email.

★ Added an option on the start screen to allow you to directly access all the available Google Mobile apps with only one tap.

iGoogDocs 1.1

★ iGoogDocs now connects you to all the available (over 20) Google Mobile Applications with only one tap.
    The available applications include Buzz, Search, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Picasa Web Albums, YouTube, iGoogle, Earth, Maps, Latitude,
    News, Reader
, and  more.

★ Support documents revision history

★ Added keyword search capability to documents. This will allow to search for text in the current displayed document and all the occurrences of the
    matched texts will be highlighted in yellow.

    Work Online
    Log in to Google Mobile to access all the available apps for the iPhone

    Log in to your Google Docs account

    ► Retrieve a list of available files/folders under a selected category

    ► Refresh a list of files/folders retrieved earlier
    ► Bookmark (make starred) a list of selected file/folder

    ► Trash the selected files/folders

    Delete the selected files/folders permanently

    Upload/Edit local files

    Take a photo of texts and convert it into an editable document. (Google Docs OCR)

    ► View/Create/Update a document: Edit texts and change fonts

    Upload a newly created file, save to the local directory or set as an email's content

    Export a selected file in a number of supported formats
    Translate a text document into 13 different languages

    Search keywords in a document

    View/Download/email a file's revision history

    ► Open files using the Google Docs mobile application

    View/Update a file's meta info (e.g. file name)  

    Work Offline

    ► View existing files

    ► Compose a new text file

    ► Edit a text, html or csv file

    ► Change fonts
    ► Insert/Delete photos

    Attach a list of selected files to an email

    ► Save As.../Rename a file

    ► Delete a list of selected files
    Sample Usecase: Converting a text photo to a text document which will then be edited and uploaded to the Google cloud

    1. Login to your google docs account
    2. Select a category then click on the action toolbar button and finally select the action menu: "Convert a Photo (OCR)"
    3. Wait for the uploading finishes and the text document is displayed on screen, select some texts and click on Edit Text menu under Edit menu to edit
    4. Click on Upload to Google Docs under File menu to upload the edited document to the Google cloud 
    5. Click on Close button, the updated file should appear after the file list is refreshed and is available to be viewed or manipulated.
    Screen Shots