Invitation --Pen for Yourself

                     With this invitation of Ignited Minds newsletter we want to take you in a couple of weeks back into memory lane when  we had started ignited minds Pune group on oct 5, 2010 with the sole objective of uniting students for realizing the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s vision 2020 in a central place. So far it has been a short journey and now we have not only tried our best to give much needed help to students of University of Pune but also learnt many things about student’s problem, challenges and other issues in campus.
                         We students concluded that there is a need of greater responsibility to be played from Ignited Minds Pune. It is very difficult for a single student to reach to the administration and seek solution. So we Ignited Minds, through this magazine, writers have to play our role with more responsively. When we scrutinize many popular students’ organizations and pressure groups we find a greater scope of playing a better role in creating consciousness.
                Through this magazine you can reach to all and your voice will be heard. We have a plan to solve the problem of  students. In this magazine we make an effort to provide material in English, Marathi and Hindi. We want a continued dialogue with each of you, so we would earnestly request you to participate actively in the shaping of this magazine according to your needs. Please always write using email.
                               Ignited Minds Magazine is STUDENTS magazine looking out for student writers. If you have the foot in the  mouth disease and have a flair for words, this is the platform to show off your writing skills. Have you written an interesting article which you wanna share with others? Do you want to acquire experience in the field of journalism? Even if you have never written an article, you can do it now! Just email us your ideas and we will guide you through the process. We have varied sections where you can contribute and help us enhance our content.
                          The sections are entirely dedicated to students as we believe communication between the members of the  younger generation is essential for their further professional development. You can express your opinions, share your experiences, and help to build a community that will result in a constructive exchange of knowledge. You are welcome to
participate actively and you can find several interactive ways to do it here. 
                        We give students a cutting edge before they enter the world of practicality. By writing for our magazine you will gain hands-on experience while still in university. So what are you waiting for? Start networking now! You will see - it is the best decision you will ever make!
               It is heartening to see that the scope for raising voice is expanding fast and booming in the vibrant India of  today. We offer golden opportunity to students, blossomed or budding, to join us to embark on a number of new but  fruitful ventures. The early bird always enjoys the sunrise the best.
                      Magazine is open to all having an interest in promotion and invites writers, authors, contributors for original articles write-ups on various subjects.
               Writers/authors/contributors may comply with the following general guidelines:-
1. Articles/write-ups, contributions should focus on new avenues of thoughts.
2. All articles/write-ups should be in word format in any of English Marathi or Hindi.
4. Articles/write-ups should be accompanied with good quality, high resolution photographs in JPG format.
5. Tables, figures and photos should be properly captioned and labeled.
6. The recommended length of the article is 5-6 A-4 size pages in 11 font sizes.
8. All references/sources used in the preparation of the articles should be clearly mentioned.
9. Authors’ names, Departments name, self e-mail should be given at the beginning or the end of the article.
10. Manuscripts accepted/rejected or requiring modifications will be communicated to the authors/writers before 28 th of evey month, i.e after the review of the same by the editorial advisory committee/editor.
                     We welcome you on board and become a part of family.  Your experience, thoughts in shape of small suggestions  and other contribution can work wonders for the young generation.
Looking forward to have your co-operation and valued comments.
With regards.
Vishwajeet Singh
Ignited Minds-Unleashing the power within India
University of Pune

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