Network based MythTV remote control for Mac OS X


  • Version 0.81
  • Mac OS X 10.5+ (Tested through 10.9) 
  • Requires MythTV 0.19+ (Tested through 0.27)
  • Control via mouse or keyboard input

Getting Started:

  • Make sure "Enable Network Remote Control Interface" is enabled in MythTV setup. ( In the Setup area, under General settings, fourth page )
  • Set the IP Address of the MythTV Frontend in MythRemote's Settings (File->Preferences) 
  • Be sure to use the IP address of the frontend being viewed, not the backend server.

MythRemote uses the TCP socket control interface added in MythTV 0.19 to allow full control of a MythTV frontend via a network connection.  This can be used instead of an infrared remote, or as a supplement to access commands not mapped on your remote.


Feature Overview: 

  • Most common commands are available as buttons on the GUI, all valid commands are available via keyboard input.
  • MythTV button is configurable in Preferences, can jump to recorded programs, live tv, etc.
  • Can be set to auto-connect on startup, via Preferences panel.

What's New:

  • Remapped Delete key to Backspace.  Delete was not a valid input in Myth frontend versions 0.19 and 0.20.
  • Added many new keyboard inputs, which were added for Myth frontend version 0.21.
  • Compatibility Tested to Support
    • Mac OS 10.9
    • MythTV 0.27