WP Site Guardian Review and bonus

How EXPLOITS beat the BEST WP security plugins...

If you knew that a bulletproof vest was only 8% effective against a bullet - would you let someone shoot you?

Well, unless you have big issues... I'm guessing the answer is no...

So if you knew that your WP site security is only 8% effective against common hacker attacks - would you set your site live in the most toxic hacking environment ever.... the internet

The reality is... that's exactly what 73 Million WP sites are doing right now ... that's like playing Russian roulette with site security.

Don't believe me ...Watch this SITE GET HACKED IN SECONDS:

This WP site was running the best WP security plugins + the latest version of Wordpress & just 1 bad plugin

In fact... ALL 6 Top Security plugins & Cloudflare FAILED TO BLOCK a simple comment exploit

That's just insane as 92% of sites are hacked by exploits ...


WP Site Guardian is the 1st plugin to PROACTIVELY DEFEND against current & future exploit attacks ... it has built in intrusion detection & user behaviour monitoring.

So, if hackers launch a common exploit - they will be booted & you'll get notified immediately...

It's on launch for 1 week only - it will then go to full price - not to be missed

1 Million+ Sites Were Hacked or Defaced by Exploits

And That's Just in the last 12 Months

In The last 12 months over a million sites were hacked or defaced by exploits. Just one simple plugin vulnerability allowed hackers to inject 50,000 sites with malware, defacements, phishing portals & spam.

In April 2015 over a million sites were left wide open to hackers when a vulnerability was found in a popular cache plugin.

Last month Wordpress admitted that there was a major vunerability that allowed hackers to launch amplified brute force attacks leaving ALL 73 million Wordpress sites totally exposed.

Exploits are now the #1 risk to any Wordpress owner. The biggest problem is NO QUALITY CONTROL - many WP plugin & theme writers are not trained in secure coding practices & the code isn't checked so your site becomes a security guinea pig.

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