VideoWhizz Review and Bonus

VideoWhizz OTO OR VideoWhizz Upsells:

OTO#1: VideoWhizz - Elite Edition: Onetime Payment Of $77 Unlock Never Seen before Features and Take Your Visitor Engagement to the Next Level and Multiply Leads, Opt-ins, Sales and Ultimately Watch Your Profits Go Through the Roofs... Here'res few MASTER features you'll get today with our VideoWhizz Elite Version:VideoWhizz review and bonus-compressed
[+] Customize your player with 8 attractive and eye-catchy frames:
■ Make your videos look enticing and attention grabbing with 8 eye-pleasing video frames that are available only for the customers of this elite edition. You can pick any frame from the list and your video will be played in the same video frame that you chose.
■ If you choose mobile frame or any other desired screen, then your video will be displayed in the same screen as I am showing you in the video. This is something that will intensify your user engagement level altogether.
[+] You'll get 20 extra PROVEN converting and ready-to-use lead and promo templates to collect almost every visitor's details right inside the video:
■ To multiply the benefits of your purchase, we're offering 20 extra attractive and eye-catchy templates to grab more leads for your offers. No coding, no imagining what looks good and what works, we already did the hard work for you.
■ You just choose a template, edit the call to action text and image to create a beautiful, crispy and effective Lead app and promo app in seconds. You can set the time at which you want to show them as well.
■ Simply, lock the video and allow it to be watched only when someone fills in the form or allow it to be skipped. We've never offered features like this before, and now this is your only chance to get them.
[+] Instantly capture leads from all your visitors as they interact on your VIDEO PAGE:
■ This is something that's gonna take the industry by the storm. No hard work, no contact management system needs to be resorted. With this feature, you will get all your subscribers details in your VideoWhizz as well as in autoresponder. Whenever your viewer interacts on your videos, they will have to enter their credentials on your video page first and that will get you their name, email address and also show what action they have taken.
[+] Get hordes of traffic for your offers by getting your videos forcefully shared on top social media platforms:
■ With this feature, you can lock a video anywhere & force the visitors to share it on their social media to watch the FULL video. That way, it can make your video VIRAL and MULTIPLY the traffic with NO EXTRA effort.
■ It hardly takes 2 minutes in choosing a template and setting up a Social app. You can set Video URL or even your affiliate link to be shared directly on the wall of visitor's social media. Now you can see the power.
■ You can do a lot more with it, decision is yours. If anyone find your video useful and embeds the video on their pages, now it works even better as a viral traffic machine. Our social app work right inside the Video and still share your main URL that you set to be shared when someone takes action even on this embedded video.

[+] Unlock our Advanced Advertisement technology for better monetization with Video Ads, Image Ads, Text ads or Even Show an Html Page Right inside videos:
■ Let us handover you the FULL advertisement power of VideoWhizz with this upgrade to you. This feature is crazy and allows you to show anything inside your videos.
■ If you have an affiliate banner or buy button and a link for any offer! You can show it right inside video at any particular time & get more clicks and sales using our annotation feature.
■ Don't have any affiliate banner or don't want to create one, No issues. Just use a call to action and your affiliate link with our system and your advertisement at any moment.
■ How cool is that if you got your hands on an interactive video and you can show it right before presenting Affiliate offer inside the main video and get even more engagement and sales?
■ That's not all, we went crazy and giving you the power of showing the entire affiliate page as your ad. You can block the video at any moment and show the page right inside video so visitors can check the offer inside your video and can buy right there.
■ Once again you can lock the content or allow skip for all these ads type. It's upto you.
[+] Make more money using Google AdSense or Affiliate Banner on your channel and video pages:
■ With this amazing add on, you can attract more and more customers by inserting Google AdSense and banner ads on your channel/video pages. Everything is already fixed you don't need to sweat out for anything.

■ For inserting google ads you just need to insert the required link inside the box. For putting banner inside the video, you have to insert the URL of the place where you want your customer to get redirected.
■ Page layout setting is another great feature available to make changes in the look of the video page by adding tabs like share tab, Email Tab, Embed tab, comment tab and many more. Additionally, you can make these pages public or password protected if you want.
[+] You'll get VideoWhizz Elite version at an unparalleled price:
■ In most cases, marketers have to pay hundreds of dollars a month, but with VideoWhizz that's all history, now.
■ Ultimately you are saving thousands of dollars monthly with us, & every dollar that you save, adds to your profits. By multiplying engagement & opt-ins, you're not only saving money, you're also taking your business to the next level.
■ It's hard to explain the flexibility of the system in words, you have to experience it for yourself.