VidBuilderFX Review and Bonus


Nowadays, we all know that marketing video plays an essential role in leading our online businesses to big success. It’s such a great way to tell your story, show the human side of your business, interact with the audience or create your own brand image. However, to create a great and professional marketing video is not an easy task. It’s actually a time-consuming and nerve-racking job. Therefore, it seems like all of you are seeking for a powerful tool which allows us to create curated videos which have the power to deeply engage. Don’t worry, today I want to show you a cost-effective software called VidBuilderFX which helps you automatically to make your own videos engage, hold attention and wow the viewer. It contains a lot of incredible features. Since you’ve started to be interested, don’t hesitate to take a look at my VidBuilderFX Review for more useful details

WHAT IS VidBuilderFX

VidBuilderFX is known as a adobe air based desktop software which is created by Abhi Dwivedi. This software helps us tocreates curated videos by putting together trending video from Facebook & YouTube, editing them and then publishes them directly on your Facebook Page, profile or Group automatically. In VidBuilderFX, all you need to do is enter a keyword and the app find trending video clips around that keyword from Facebook and YouTube that are free to use, curates them together, adds your text, filters, voice over, text-to-speech,intro-outro slides and more and then automatically publishes them to your Fanpages, profiles or groups quickly. VidBuilderFX concentrates on solving one problem with one powerful solution andalso helps you start putting more native videos on Facebook for your marketing strategy

About Author
VidBuilderFXis created by Abhi Dwivedi-a talented product creator and skillful online marketer.He has been working in internet marketing industry for years before creating VidBuilderFX

Feature Details
I’ve recently discovered that VidBuilderFX has tons of wonderful features. Today in my VidBuilderFX Review, I want to show you each individual tool that you get in VidBuilderFX. Thus, you’re able to know for yourself the benefits it can have on your conversions, marketing campaigns as well as profits

Adobe air desktop software. Works on mac & pc both.
Add watermark, filters, add text, voice over, background music & more.
Automatically create viral videos
Publish videos on Fanpages, Profiles & Groups
Text-to-Speech: Turn your text into video narration
Export videos & save ony our computer
Create 1 video or bulk create 100s of videos
Full editable videos. Single & bulk editing.
Create a stream of Viral videos for your fans & for your marketing
Schedule to publish videos as different date & time
Based on a proven technology
Full editable videos. Single & bulk editing

How Does VidBuilderFX Work?
The process is totally easy for everyone even complete newbies to use since it works automatically . All you need t do is follow 2 simple steps:

Step 1: You enter a keyword, therefore, the app finds trending videos or clips around that keyword from social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube which are free to use.

Step 2: It curates them together, adds your text, filters, voiceover, text-to-speech, intro-outro slides and then automatically publishes them to your Fanpages, profiles or groups easily.

Now let’s check it out VidBuilderFX Demo Video and examples of videos created by VidBuilderFX on its official website in order to discover how to use it yourself since there is too much it can do to be explained in my VidBuilderFX Review.

Who should use VidBuilderFX?
As far as I concerned, VidBuilderFX is such a must-have tool for all Internet Marketers who wants to their business to be excellent, have loyal customers and save their time as well. It definitely helps you to be more engaged with audience

Pros And Cons

Resources saving
Super easy to use, newbie friendly
It’s definitely profitable
30 day money back guarantee- no question asked
Great customer support

I haven’t found out a drawback of this software yet.

In my VidBuilderFX Review today, I want to assure that VidBuilderFX is a powerful and unique product which is totally different from other comparable software. It is a brand-new technology that automatically creates viral compilation videos loaded with trending viral clips from different webs and publishes them to Facebook with the purpose of generating traffic, views and viral exposure as much as possible
User experience

I sell clothes online and recently used this tool and it completely surprises me. I almost don’t have to do anything but let it automates the entire process of creating trending videos and then publishing them on Facebook. The great results come to me soon after that. I improved my net profits from $100 to $2000 in only a month. It sounds great, right?

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