The Bitcoin Code Review

What Is The Bitcoin Code – Overview

Cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity rapidly in the past decade. More and more people have the chance to start investing in them. No wonder the new digital options investment system The Bitcoin Code claims to help you invest in them.
It has been created by Steve McKay and is said to be one of the most profitable systems available on the market. The reality is a little bit different. We have provided you with a detailed The Bitcoin Code review below. It has all the makings of a scam and it is our advice that you carefully read it before proceeding further with this software.The Bitcoin Code Review-compressed

How Does the BitcoinCode Work?

According to Mr. McKay and the promotion of his Bitcoin Code system, the software has been developed according to latest trading platform trends and is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. In reality, there is no actual proof of that.
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The software is said to run on full autopilot. The Bitcoin Code is said to have an accuracy of 99,4% and that it can earn up to $13,000 per day. All of these are far-fetched promises. Additionally, the claim that it helps you invest in BitCoin and cryptocurrencies is false as well. This is a typical exotic options trading software and is just like any other scam out there that tries to lure you into a sign up that will cost you at least $250.
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The Bitcoin Code Scam

Mr. Steve McKay says that he used to work as a software developer for a Wall Street company. There his boss asked him to develop and enhance an investment technological solution that would be able to tap into the cryptocurrencies market and that would generate solid returns on the portfolios of the company’s clients. But after the system was fully developed, the boss of Mr. McKay disappeared with it, practically stealing it for himself. Mr. McKay decided to test the software for himself and to share it with other people after seeing it can generate $550 per hour on full autopilot.
After that came the nickname – the 100-Million Dollar Man, and the popularity. According to the promotional video, Steve McKay has been featured in Forbes, discussed on CNN and has a solid reputation in the investment world after becoming a trader himself.

This is a far-fetched story. No information on such a person with such a background can be found on the web. Even the identity of Steve McKay cannot be confirmed. In addition to that, the Bitcoin Code is not even a platform for crypto-currency investments. It is just for trading digital options on full autopilot.
Final Thoughts

Our investigation into the Bitcoin Code system turned out very negative results and facts about the software. Its creator is a fake. It is based on a fake story that can entice the online investor. In fact, the Bitcoin Code has nothing to do with cryptocurrency trading apart from its name. The initial deposit of $250 you have to make is associated with an unreliable mixture of brokers and there is no guarantee that your funds are going to be safe.
Our overall impression of The Bitcoin Code is that it is a scam software and you should be very careful when approaching it. Rather choose a better and already proven to work alternative.