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A Mobile-Friendly Business is Crucial to Your Success - TeeView 

It is no secret that people spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. Only take a look at people walking down the street & count how many are looking at a phone rather than where they’re going. Today, there’re 2.6 billion smartphones in the global market and that figure is expected to grow to 6.1 billion by 2020. That means that 70% of the world’s population will have a smartphone in 4 years..
The mobile market is simply big for small businesses to ignore. Sites like Google & FB have made significant changes in recent years to adapt to a mobile market. If they are doing it, you probably should too. But how can you use the mobile platform to your advantage? Here are seven ways your home business can go mobile.teeview-review-compressed

1. Build a Responsive Website - TeeView 

People know that having a website is crucial to your business, but did you know that more people find the web on mobile devices than on desktops? For your website to be fully effective, it has to be built with alert web design. This means that your website can scale between different browsing windows & will look beautiful on a desktop computer, an iPad or a smartphone.
This not only ensures people can read & navigate your site on any device, but you can ensure you are search ranking doesn’t change on Google, which began giving preference in search rankings to mobile-friendly sites. You could test to see if your site is mobile-friendly at Google’s Developer Site

2. Tell Visual Stories -TeeView 

Text does not translate as well on mobile as it does on desktop. Even with an alert web-design, the screen is smaller and mobile users can still have to squint to read long bits of text. To capture a mobile user’s attention, it is important to be visual. A great mobile website / app accomplishes this by integrating visualssuch as animations, videos, colors, & graphics to create an engaging user experience that is intuitive. Your small business needs to use those visual elements to first catch the user’s interest & then to guide them where you want them to go, whether that is towards a signup form or a payment check-out.

3. Enable Mobile Payments -TeeView 

If you are market is viewing your products or services on a mobile device, you do not want to force them to reconnect with you on a computer to make a buying. Instead, you want them to be capable to buy right from their device. American Express reports that 60% of customers are liked in using mobile devices for payments, so it’s crucial you add this feature. It could sound complicated, but just like you can intigrate payment on your website, so can you on your mobile-website with payment tools such as PayPal & Venmo. You could work with the payment service your customer demographic is going to be familiar with, so that they immediately identify it as a trustworthy solution for sending money and one that they’ll be able to navigate and use quickly.

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