TeeGrasp Review and bonus

I haven’t quite figured out why, but people still go insane over free t-shirts. Whether it easily changes their mind about attending some event or forum, to driving the crowd wild during a boring sports game, free shirts seem to just make everyone lose their minds. It doesn’t matter how thin or tight or generic the shirts are, either – trying to get a hold of a free shirt is just as, if not more so, exciting as trying to catch a bouquet of flowers at a wedding.

As TeeGrasp sellers there’s a number of ways we can take advantage of this crazy phenomenon, either to spread the word or help improve our brands.

Because free t-shirts are essentially some weird form of post-apocalyptic currency, they’re an easy and effective way to market a company’s brand. If you put a company’s name and logo on a free shirt, it’ll get distributed faster than any flier could. And then once they wear your shirts in public, boom – free walking billboard. And because they’re free, they’re likely to be their favorite shirt, even if they’re horrible oversized. That means they’re likely to wear it as often as they can, even if just around the house. Free shirts may not make any sales, but they’re certainly the advertising gift that keeps on giving.

There’s a reason free shirts are seemingly everywhere now; clothing brands know that people love them, and it’s a fun way to boost their traffic, and hopefully, sales. However, before you just start throwing free shirts at people, there are a few things to consider first.

Make the challenge worth the prize. You’re handing out a free shirt, not a golden ticket. Your entry process should be a simple one, preferably no more than a few lines to fill out. If it has as many steps as buying a car does, no one is going to want to enter.

A contest should be social. Whether you keep the contest “in house” among your own company’s forum or website, or you decide to include more people on social media, a fun and creative contest needs the community at large to make it exciting. Getting the news out and building up some hype never hurts, either, and at worst, you may hit some new sales in the process.

It can’t just be a participation trophy. If someone puts in a ton of effort into their entry, and someone else spends five minutes on theirs and they both get a free shirt, it’s likely that your next contest won’t be as engaging. Make sure those who went the extra mile to get recognition for their efforts.
Shirt contests are nothing new; that said, some companies just seem to do it better than others. Their contests are fun, engaging, and really blow up easily over social media.